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KSR International Membership Registration
Anyone who is interested in KSR international membership should submit an application form and a copy of your curriculum vitae to the KSR office by e-mail (office@radiology.or.kr) even you have joined the KSR website.

KSR international membership approval takes up to a month as it is reviewed at the KSR board meetings. Please refer to the dates of the KSR board meetings, and submit your application and a copy of your curriculum vitae in advance.

Applications received by June 13 (Thu) will be reviewed at the KSR board meeting to be held on June 19 (Wed). Applications received afterward will be reviewed in July. If you want to become a KSR international member before the deadline for early registration, please submit documents to the KSR office by June 13(Thu) .

* Please note that the KSR Board Meeting schedule is subject to change.

* If your KSR international membership is approved after you register as a non-member, the difference in the registration fee will not be refunded.

If you cannot select the KSR international membership category on the KCR registration system after the KSR international membership approval, please contact the KCR 2019 secretariat (register@kcr4u.org).
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