KCR 2020 September 17 (Thu) ~ 19 (Sat), 2020
Virtual Congress

How to register (For Foreigners)

On-line registration is highly recommended at the congress website. If on-line registration is not available, please contact the secretariat at register@kcr4u.org

Registration Process

  • Registration Acknowledgement
    Registration Acknowledgement will be sent to you via e-mail after your on-line registration.
  • Payment Status (Check at 'My page')
    • After you complete your on-line registration, please visit 'My page'.
    • You can check the payment status of your registration at 'My page'.
    • Payment Status will be changed from 'Payment is needed' to 'Payment is confirmed' within three weeks upon clearance of your payment.
  • Confirmation of Registration
    • Confirmation of Registration will be sent to you via e-mail within three weeks upon making the appropriate payment.
    • Registration without appropriate payment will not be honored until the full payment is received.
    • After you complete your payment, you can download your receipt at ‘My page’.

Registration Fee

Category Early Registration &
Presenter Registration
by June 30 (Tue), 2020
by July 31 (Fri), 2020
On-Site Registration
International Member
Physician USD 140 USD 160 USD 200
Resident/Trainee USD 60 USD 70 USD 100
Non-member USD 280 USD 320 USD 400
Nurse/Radiographer/Non-MD USD 140 USD 160 USD 200
* Accompanying Person USD 60 USD 70 USD 100
  • Presenter Registration Due Date: June 30 (Tue), 2020
    Abstract presenters of the Scientific Session or Exhibition should register within the early registration period. If not, the presentation will be canceled.
  • If your KSR international membership is approved after you register as a non-member, the difference in the registration fee will not be refunded.
  • One-day registration is available in on-site registration only.
  • The Accompanying Person fee is applicable to family members of participants only.
  • Nurse, Radiographer, and Non-MD applicants should submit a certificate of employment from their affiliation during the pre-registration process in order to complete their registration.
  • Appropriate payment should be completed within the right period of registration. If you pay after the registration period, you will need to pay the corresponding additional fees.

KSR International Membership

  • Become a KSR International member with no membership dues.
  • Anyone who is interested in KSR international membership should submit an application form and a copy of your curriculum vitae to the KSR office by e-mail (office@radiology.or.kr) even you have joined the KSR website.
  • KSR international membership approval takes up to a month, as it is reviewed at the KSR board meetings. Please refer to the dates of the KSR board meeting, and submit your application and a copy of your curriculum vitae in advance.
    Applications received by July 10 (Fri) will be reviewed at the KSR board meeting to be held on July 15 (Wed).
    Month Application Submission Deadline KSR Board Meeting
    June June 12 (Fri) June 17 (Wed)
    July July 10 (Fri) July 15 (Wed)
    * Please note that the KSR Board Meeting schedule is subject to change.
Application Form Download View Details
  • Discount of KCR registration fee
  • Free online access to Korean Journal of Radiology (KJR), KSR website and E-learning system
  • Free subscription to KSR news
  • Prior consideration in KSR fellowship
  • Award programs


Participant's registration fee includes Accompanying Person's registration fee includes
- Admission to all Scientific Sessions
- Access to Exhibition Area
- Congress Kit
- Program Book
- Access to Exhibition Area

Refresher Courses Syllabus

  • Refresher Courses Syllabus will be available for purchase during the pre-registration process.
    Those who purchase the syllabus will receive it on-site at the registration desk upon check-in.
  • Registration fee does not include the Refresher Courses Syllabus cost.
  • The Refresher Courses Syllabus will not be sold on-site.
  • There are both Korean and English sessions for the Refresher courses, so the syllabus may also include Korean language.
    Early Registration
    by June 30 (Tue), 2020
    by July 31 (Fri), 2020
    USD 30 USD 40

Contact for Registration
Tel: +82-2-3452-7241    Fax: +82-2-521-8683
E-mail: register@kcr4u.org

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