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Sessions (by Specialty)

*Level of Difficulty: Jun  = Junior   All  = All   Adv  = Advanced  
*Interactive = Interactive Session
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 13 (Thu) Case-based Review ( CB01 ) InteractiveJun English
08:00-09:30 203, 2F
Commonly encountered diseases of foot & ankle
Chairperson: Won-Hee Jee
Ik Yang
Painful hindfoot Yu Mi Jeong ( Korea )
Ankle tendon and ligament abnormalities Sun Joo Lee ( Korea )
Midfoot and forefoot disorders Yun Sun Choi ( Korea )
Ankle and calcaneal fracture In Sook Lee ( Korea )
Diabetic foot Ji Young Hwang ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 13 (Thu) Scientific Session ( SS11 ) All English/Korean
09:40-11:10 201, 2F
Joint imaging
Chairperson: Kyung Ah Chun
Wook Jin
Retrospective analysis of the patello-femoral Region on MRI: Association of abnormal trochlear and patellar bone morphology and cartilage defects Vishva Chauhan ( India )
The prevalence of Baker’s cyst in relation to the arrangement pattern between medial head of gastrocnemius tendon and semimembranous tendon Dong Yoon Han ( Korea )
The comparison of Direct Magnetic Resonance Arthrography and Computed Tomography Arthrography for Diagnosis of the Ankle Osteochondral Lesions Berhan Pirimoglu ( Turkey )
Sonoelastography of the Supraspinatus and Infraspinatus Tendons in Patients with Idiopathic Adhesive Capsulitis of Shoulder Seong Jong Yun ( Korea )
Correlation of MRI with arthroscopy for the diagnosis of subscapularis tendon tears: Value of comprehensive MRI grading in pre-operative evaluation Na Ra Kim ( Korea )
MRI evaluation of supraspinatus fat pad thickness and coraco-acromial ligament in relation with site of supraspinatus tendinosis in non-traumatic shoulder patients. Vishva Chauhan ( India )
Cubital Tunnel of the Elbow: Three Zones and Its Detailed Anatomy on MR Images. Sang Yong Lee ( Korea )
Evaluation of the triangular fibrocartilage; Two-compartment wrist CT arthrography of the distal radioulnar and radiocarpal joints vs. Uni-compartment wrist CT arthrography of the radiocarpal joint Sujin Kim ( Korea )
Possibility of Identification of Individual Ligaments (7 ligaments) of the Trapeziometacarpal Joint of the Thumb Using 3.0 T MRI without MR Arthrography in Patients with Osteoarthritis. Sang Yong Lee ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 13 (Thu) Refresher Course ( RC11 ) All English
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
Imaging of wrist: From fundamentals to advanced concepts
Chairperson: Tae Yong Moon
Kil-Ho Cho
Basic and advanced imaging techniques of the wrist Taiki Nozaki ( Japan )
TFCC & DRUJ: Radiologist's perspective Joong Mo Ahn ( Korea )
TFCC & DRUJ: Surgeon's perspective Jae Hoon Lee ( Korea )
Imaging the tendons of the wrist Guen Young Lee ( Korea )
Carpal bone injury: Fracture and Dislocation Min Hee Lee ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 14 (Fri) Refresher Course ( RC17 ) All Korean
14:00-15:30 201, 2F
Imaging of pelvis and hip: From fundamentals to advanced concepts
Chairperson: Myung Jin Shin
Soon Tae Kwon
Imaging techniques including hip MRA Ji Seon Park ( Korea )
FAI Suk-Joo Hong ( Korea )
Extra-articular hip imaging including impingment, greater trochanteric pain syndrome, and snapping hip Young-Hwan Lee ( Korea )
Athletic pubalgia/groin injury Soo-jung Choi ( Korea )
Osteonecrosis, bone marrow edema, subchondral fracture Doo Hoe Ha ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 14 (Fri) Scientific Session ( SS24 ) All English/Korean
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
Spine imaging and interventions
Chairperson: Sung Gyu Moon
Chang Ho Kang
Efficacy of fluoroscopic-guided facet joint injectino(FJI) for adjacent segmental degeneration after posterior instrumentation. Keuntak Roh ( Korea )
Effectiveness and Outcome Predictors of Fluoroscopy-guided Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injections for Recurred Intervertebral Herniated Discs after Discectomy Mikyung Um ( Korea )
Epidural Blood Patch in Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension : Two-site Blind Epidural Blood Patch versus Targeted Epidural Blood Patch Eugene Lee ( Korea )
Evaluation of usefulness of contrast enhanced MRI in evaluation of spine trauma: a prospective study Guen Young Lee ( Korea )
Does the addition of contrast-enhanced MRI to conventional MRI of the spine improve the diagnosis of spinal metastasis? Chankue Park ( Korea )
CT myelography in SDH patients: 8 years’ clinical experience Hyo Jin Kim ( Korea )
Is paraspinal back muscle degeneration related with disc pathology? - Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Fatty Degeneration of Paraspinal Back Muscles on CT and MRI and Correlation Analysis Minsu Kim ( Korea )
Magnetic resonance (MR) imaging-based fat signal fraction quantification of paraspinal back muscle: Comparison of T1, T2 and gradient-echo m-DIXON method Na Young Choi ( Korea )
Quantitative and qualitative analysis of para-spinal back muscle with focus on fat content using CT and MRI in asymptomatic volunteers  Eun Kyung Khil ( Korea )
To start Antitubercular Medication or Not ?” : A Novel MRI Scoring System to Differentiate Tubercular from Pyogenic Spondylitis. Raghu Teja Sadineni ( India )
Performance of a novel magnetic resonance image scoring algorithm based on the deep convolutional neural network for differentiating between tuberculous and pyogenic spondylitis: preliminary results Kiwook Kim ( Korea )
Feasibility of zero echo time sequence of the cervical spine MRI: Emphasis on evaluation of osseous structures and calcification Hoseok Lee ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 15 (Sat) Refresher Course ( RC18 ) All English
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 101, 1F
Imaging of hematolgic malignancies & metastase: Beyond the basics
Chairperson: Mi Sook Sung
Seon-Kwan Juhng
Multiple myeloma imaging Gerald Antoch ( Germany )
Musculoskeletal presentation of lymphoma Young Cheol Yoon ( Korea )
Imaging of bone metastases So Young Park ( Korea )
Whole body MRI Young Han Lee ( Korea )
DCE-MRI in MSK Wenjian Xu ( China )
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 15 (Sat) Scientific Session ( SS26 ) Adv English/Korean
09:50-11:00 Grand Ballroom 101, 1F
Advance in oncologic imaging
Chairperson: Jin-suck Suh
Sheen-Woo Lee
Imaging in Pelvic Bone metastasis: Comparison of Radial and Multi-shot Echoplanar Diffusion MRIs and [18F]FDG PET. Jinhwan Lee ( Korea )
The clinical efficacy of Dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) and diffusion-weighted (DW) MR imaging for evaluating Treatment response for bone metastasis You Seon Song ( Korea )
Indeterminate peripheral nerve sheath tumors: Differentiation between malignant and benign tumors using conventional MR imaging and diffusion weighted imaging Jae Sung Yun ( Korea )
Monoexponential, Biexponential, and Stretched Exponential Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging: Prediction of Tumor Grade in Soft Tissue Sarcoma Hyun-Jung Kim ( Korea )
Development and Validation of Nomogram for Predicting Malignancy in Soft Tissue Tumor Using Conventional and Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging Parameters Ji Hyun Lee ( Korea )
Quantitative Analysis with 3T Multiparametric MR imaging: Differentiation between Benign and Malignant Soft Tissue Tumors Seul Ki Lee ( Korea )
Grading of Soft Tissue Sarcoma by Using 3T MR Imaging Texture Analysis Ji Hyun Hong ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 15 (Sat) Special Focus Session ( SF13 ) Adv English
14:00-15:20 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
Understanding metabolic processes
Chairperson: Baek Hyun Kim
Seoung Oh Yang
Osteoporotic imaging: Now and the future Yeo ju Kim ( Korea )
Sarcopenia: Clinical perspective Kyung Mook Choi ( Korea )
Sarcopenia: Imaging diagnostic techniques Min A Yoon ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 15 (Sat) Scientific Session ( SS35 ) All English/Korean
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
Current trend and future in MSK radiology
Chairperson: Hye Won Chung
Ja-Young Choi
Deep learning-based approach for the diagnosis of osteoporosis using hip radiographs Bo Ram Kim ( Korea )
Rib fracture diagnosis on chest radiographs using deep learning: comparison of the performance between the convolutional neural network approach and conventional machine learning methods Sungjun Kim ( Korea )
Automatic grading of ankle osteoarthritis based on Takakura staging system: a deep learning-based approach Hwiyoung Kim ( Korea )
Comparison of metal artifact reduction (MAR) algorithms; Which is better MAR for hip prosthese evaluation Mack Shin ( Korea )
The effect of tube voltage combination on image artifact and radiation dose in dual-source dual-Energy CT: Comparison between conventional 80/140 kV and 80/150 kV plus tin filter for gout protocol Ji Young Jeon ( Korea )
Current trend and future in MSK radiology
Chairperson: Jang Gyu Cha
Wan Tae Kim
Computational study on age-related changes of trabecular bone microarchitecture using topology optimization-based resolution enhancement for the proximal femur CT images Jung Jin Kim ( Korea )
Muscle Fat Quantification of the Thigh: a Prospective Case-Control Study between Patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and Normal Volunteers Hyun Su Kim ( Korea )
Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Sciatic Nerve: A Prospective Case-Control Study between Patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Type I and Normal Volunteers Hyun Su Kim ( Korea )
Is it possible to depict which layer of sagittal band are injured? - Dedicated experience on high- resolution ultrasound and 3.0T MR Han A Lee ( Korea )
Submarine sign’ of epidermal cysts : prediction model based on ultrasound feature Da Hyun Lee ( Korea )
Correlation between fat quantification, cross sectional area of rotator cuff and muscle strength : using MRI DIXON sequence and biodex isokinetic test. Sungtae Hwang ( Korea )
Differentiation of osteomyelitis from reactive osteitis in the patients with diabetic foot using multivariable logistic regression analysis Yong-Ho Jang ( Korea )

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