KCR 2018

Sessions (by Specialty)

*Level of Difficulty: Jun  = Junior   All  = All   Adv  = Advanced  
*Interactive = Interactive Session
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 12 (Wed) 저선량 CT를 이용한 폐암검진 ( CT01 ) Korean
13:30-15:30 Grand Ballroom 101, 1F
저선량 CT를 이용한 폐암검진
Chairperson: Jin Mo Goo
Hyae Young Kim
시범사업 진행사항과 국가암검진 준비상황 Hyae Young Kim ( Korea )
CT촬영 원칙과 전산 시스템 소개 Tae Jung Kim ( Korea )
폐암검진 저선량 CT 판독: Lung-RADS Semin Chong ( Korea )
폐결절 외 주요 CT소견 Hyun-ju Lim ( Korea )
시범사업을 바탕으로 한 증례 토의 Joo Sung Sun ( Korea )
자주하는 질문과 토론 Jin Mo Goo ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 13 (Thu) Refresher Course ( RC07 ) Jun English
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
Pulmonary embolism
Chairperson: Yo Won Choi
Jai Soung Park
Acute pulmonary embolism Sung Shine Shim ( Korea )
Chronic pulmonary embolism, pulmonary hypertension Sang Min Lee ( Korea )
CT angiography for pulmonary embolism during pregnancy and postpartum Marie-Pierre Revel ( France )
DECT for pulmonary thromboembolism: Where do we stand? Jin Hur ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 13 (Thu) Scientific Session ( SS09 ) All English/Korean
09:40-11:10 Grand Ballroom 102, 1F
Lung cancer
Chairperson: Hyun-Ju Lee
Byoung Wook Choi
Lung Adenocarcinomas with Additional Ground-Glass Nodules vs. Solitary Invasive Adenocarcinomas on Chest CT: Radiologic and Clinicopathologic Characteristics Changhyun Ryoo ( Korea )
Intratumoral and peritumoral radiomics for the prediction of anaplastic lymphoma kinase and epidermal growth factor receptor mutation in lung adenocarcinoma  Jooae Choe ( Korea )
Spread through Air Spaces (STAS) in invasive mucinous adenocarcinoma of the lung: Incidence, prognostic impact, and prediction with clinico-radiologic factors Min A Lee ( Korea )
Metastases in residual PET uptake of lymph nodes after treatment: Added value of CT radiomic approach for prediction Chuhyun Kim ( Korea )
Nodule and artificial intelligence
Chairperson: Hyun-Ju Lee
Byoung Wook Choi
Effect of semiautomated segmentation and computer-aided detection of lung nodules on lung cancer screening with low dose CT: Experience from the Korean Lung Cancer Screening (K-LUCAS) project Eui Jin Hwang ( Korea )
Reproducibility Analysis on Computer Aided Detection on Lung Nodules in Chest PA X-ray Images within Short-term Period with Convolutional Neural Net; Comparison among Four Different Methods Young-Gon Kim ( Korea )
Deep learning-based malignancy prediction algorithm for a small (≤2cm) pulmonary nodule on non-enhanced chest CT compared with AlexNet Kum Ju Chae ( Korea )
Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural Network for the Differentiation of Pathologic Grades in Lung Adenocarcinomas Ju Kang Nam ( Korea )
Personalized 3D-printed model of stage I lung cancer for informed consent in surgical resection: a prospective randomized pilot study Soon Ho Yoon ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 13 (Thu) Refresher Course ( RC10 ) All English
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 103, 1F
Lung nodule
Chairperson: Eun-Young Kang
Jin Mo Goo
Lung RADS : Pros and cons Kyongmin Beck ( Korea )
How to manage lung nodules in screening era Cherry Kim ( Korea )
Lung cancer screening in Japan Tsuneo Yamashiro ( Japan )
Quantitative imaging of pulmonary nodules: Current status and future Masahiro Yanagawa ( Japan )
Ultimate pulmonary CT imaging: Focusing on ultra-high resolution CT Masahiro Yanagawa ( Japan )
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 14 (Fri) Scientific Session ( SS19 ) All Korean/English
09:50-11:20 Grand Ballroom 103, 1F
Chairperson: Eil Seong Lee
Tae Hoon Kim
Juxta-pleural and acutely-folded bronchi: differential CT findings of IPF without evidence honeycombing from NSIP Heekyung Kim ( Korea )
Quantification analysis of airway change in CPFE patients on CT by Smoking Pack Years Gong Yong Jin ( Korea )
Predicting clinical outcome with phenotypic clusters using quantitative CT fibrosis and emphysema features in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis So Hyeon Bak ( Korea )
A General Data Augmentation Strategy for Deep Learning with Small Datasets Using Perlin Noise: Validation with Quantification on Image Patterns of Diffuse Interstitial Lung Disease in HRCT Hyun-Jin Bae ( Korea )
Chairperson: Eil Seong Lee
Tae Hoon Kim
Generation-based Airway Remodeling in Smokers with Normal-looking CT: After Normalization to Control Inter-subject Variability. Kum Ju Chae ( Korea )
A Comparative Study of Performance between Radiographers and Machine Learning Model (MLM) for Airway Measurement Hee Jun Park ( Korea )
Effect of Aging and Smoking on Regional Air Volume Change Distributions in Normal Chest CT Kum Ju Chae ( Korea )
Inter-Observer Variability Of Measurements Obtained Via Manual Volumetry And Automated Volumetry Of Pulmonary Masses Detected By Ct Scan John Michael Joseph Pineda ( Philippines )
Quantitative measurement  airway-related physio-biologic marker using chest HRCT in COPD patients  Jung Hyun Kim ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 14 (Fri) Intersociety Joint Symposium Ⅱ (KSTR & FSTI) ( JS05 ) All English
14:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 101, 1F
Radiation dose
Chairperson: Jae-Woo Song
Woocheol Kwon
Welcome address by the KSR president Joo Hyeong Oh ( Korea )
Welcome address by the FSTI president Antoine Khalil ( France )
Can ultralow dose CT replace chest radiograph? Gael Dournes ( France )
Dose reduction strategies in chest CT Kyung-Hyun Do ( Korea )
Cumulated radiation dose in chronic airway disease: Report from a single center experience Gael Dournes ( France )
Evaluation of a Net Dose-Reducing Organ-based Dose Modulation Technique: Effects on image quality and nodule volumetry Han Na Lee ( Korea )
Measurement Accuracy of Lung Nodule Volumetry in a Phantom Study: Effect of Wide-volume Scan and Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm Minju Kim ( Korea )
Effect of CT Acquisition Parameters on Iodine Density  Hyungjin Kim ( Korea )
Chairperson: Yun-Hyeon Kim
Jung Hwa Hwang
Systemic arteries embolization in patient with hemoptysis Antoine Khalil ( France )
Pulmonary artery occlusion in patient with hemoptysis Antoine Khalil ( France )
Guideline for hemoptysis in Korea Jin Hwan Kim ( Korea )
Hook-wire localization versus Lipiodol localization for Patients with Ground Glass Opacity Pulmonary Lesions: The LOGIS trial Chul Hwan Park ( Korea )
Comparison of hook wire versus coil localization for video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery Dongsu Kim ( Korea )
Transthoracic rebiopsy for mutation analysis in lung adenocarcinoma: Outcomes and risk factors for the acquisition of non-diagnostic specimens in 199 patients Boda Nam ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 14 (Fri) 저선량 CT를 이용한 폐암검진 ( CT02 ) English
17:30-18:00 203, 2F
저선량 CT를 이용한 폐암검진

폐암검진 Hands-on Eun Young Kim ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 15 (Sat) Special Focus Session ( SF07 ) Adv English
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
Thoracic imaging in precision medicine
Chairperson: Ki-Nam Lee
Yookyung Kim
Precision lung cancer agent update Byoung Chul Cho ( Korea )
Lung cancer with oligometastasis Soo-Youn Ham ( Korea )
Drug-related thoracic complications Mi Young Kim ( Korea )
Incidental findings in oncologic patients Marie-Pierre Revel ( France )
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 15 (Sat) Special Focus Session ( SF09 ) Adv English
09:50-11:20 Grand Ballroom 103, 1F
COPD and asthma
Chairperson: Yu-whan Oh
Kyung Joo Park
Imaging in COPD Tsuneo Yamashiro ( Japan )
How to set COPD imaging : Issues and controversies Kyung Nyeo Jeon ( Korea )
Bench to bed : How to use COPD imaging Gong Yong Jin ( Korea )
Application of CT quantification in the thorax Kiyeol Lee ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 15 (Sat) Refresher Course ( RC22 ) All Korean
14:00-15:30 Grand Ballroom 104, 1F
Focus on thoracic imaging in future medicine
Chairperson: Joon Beom Seo
Yeon Joo Jeong
Artificial intelligence Joon Beom Seo ( Korea )
Radiogenomics So Hyeon Bak ( Korea )
Multienergy CT Myung Jin Chung ( Korea )
3D printing Namkug Kim ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Sep. 15 (Sat) Scientific Session ( SS34 ) All Korean/English
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 104, 1F
Thoracic imaging in future medicine
Chairperson: Kun-Il Kim
Ho Yun Lee
Performance Validation of Deep Learning-Based Automatic Detection Algorithm for Major Thoracic Abnormalities on Chest Radiographs Eui Jin Hwang ( Korea )
Deep learning-based automatic detection of active pulmonary tuberculosis can outperform radiologists: development and validation using multi-center, multi-national datasets Eui Jin Hwang ( Korea )
Impact of CT Reconstruction Algorithm on the Diagnostic Performance of Radiomics Models: A Task-Based Approach for Pulmonary Subsolid Nodules Hyungjin Kim ( Korea )
CT imaging phantom for patient specific chest model with pulmonary diseases by 3D printing with the thermoplastic polymer materials Dayeong Hong ( Korea )
Usefulness of digital tomosynthesis to predict calcification of pulmonary nodule: Phantom study Joosung Sun ( Korea )
Infection and neighbor
Chairperson: Guanmin Gu
The Burden of Human Bocavirus Infection in Adults: Pneumonia risk factors and Radiologic Findings Han Na Lee ( Korea )
Clinical characteristics and radiologists’ interpretation of chest computed tomography findings of proven pulmonary tuberculosis and tuberculous pleurisy in hospitalized patients Soo-Youn Ham ( Korea )
The role of CT-guided transthoracic needle biopsy in the diagnosis of Mycobacterial infection Kyongmin Beck ( Korea )
Utility of FDG-PET/CT and brain MRI for preoperative staging of non-small cell lung cancers manifesting as subsolid nodules with a solid portion of 3 cm or smaller   Young Joo Suh ( Korea )
The incidence and natural history of lung ground-glass nodules in patients with breast cancer Hai Xu ( China )
Low-dose Computed Tomography and Lung-RADS Classification Management in High-risk Population of Lung Cancer in Urban Qingcheng Meng ( China )

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