KCR 2017

Session (Daily)

*Level of Difficulty: Jun  = Junior   All  = All   Adv  = Advanced  
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Refresher Course ( RC 15 ) Jun Korean
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 101, 1F
Cardiovascular imaging for general radiologist
Chairperson: Jae Hyung Park
Yeon Hyeon Choe
Cardiac anatomy: focused on grown-up congenital heart disease Sun Hwa Hong ( Korea )
Interpretation of coronary CT angiography Sung Mok Kim ( Korea )
Chest radiograph for CV imaging: correlation with CT Dong Hyun Yang ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Refresher Course ( RC 16 ) All English
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 103, 1F
Inflammatory lesion of MSK system
Chairperson: Soon Tae Kwon
Ik Yang
Imaging of rheumatoid arthritis and spondyloarthropathy; state of the art Kyungjin Suh ( Korea )
Inflammatory disease of muscle and fascia Hee Jin Park ( Korea )
Infectious spondylitis Ji Young Hwang ( Korea )
Infectious arthritis and osteomyelitis of extremity Jee Won Chai ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Refresher Course ( RC 17 ) Jun English
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 104, 1F
Post-OP imaging: what the radiologist need to know
Chairperson: Young Hoon Kim
Jae Ho Byun
Liver: surgical technique & complication Bohyun Kim ( Korea )
Bile duct & pancreas: surgical technique & complication Jin Woong Kim ( Korea )
Stomach & small bowel: surgical technique & complication Jeong Eun Lee ( Korea )
Colon & rectum: surgical technique & complication Nayeon Han ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Refresher Course ( RC 18 ) All Korean
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
Changing concept of thyroid cancer management
Chairperson: Joon Hyung Lee
Dong Gyu Na
Paradigm shift of the US-guided FNA indications on international guidelines Eun Ju Ha ( Korea )
New AJCC staging and WHO classification So Yeon Park ( Korea )
Paradigm shift of the cancer diagnosis: NIFTP Soo Yeon Hahn ( Korea )
Role of RFA for treatment of recurrent thyroid cancer Hyun Kyung Lim ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Refresher Course ( RC 19 ) All Korean
08:00-09:30 203, 2F
Basics of breast MR imaging
Chairperson: Jin Hwa Lee
Hyo Soon Lim
Anatomic and prognositc stage of breast cancers on MRI: based on AJCC 8th ed Sun Mi Kim ( Korea )
Breast cancer staging with MRI: how I describe them? Jin You Kim ( Korea )
Case-based diagnosis in breast MRI Eun Young Ko ( Korea )
Evaluation of breast implant using MRI: what the radiologist needs to know Bong Joo Kang ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Refresher Course ( RC 20 ) All Korean
08:00-09:30 208, 2F
Update of evidence of neurovascular disease and its endovascular treatment
Chairperson: Hong Dae Kim
Sang-il Suh
Update of intracranial aneurysm and its treatment Woong Jae Lee ( Korea )
Update of intracranial vascular malformation and its treatment Byungjun Kim ( Korea )
Update of ischemic stroke and its treatment Kyung Sik Yi ( Korea )
Update of arterial dissection and its treatment Jin Wook Baek ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Special Focus Session ( SF 08 ) All English
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 102, 1F
Aortic intervention
Chairperson: Hae Giu Lee
Chang Won Kim
TEVAR @ hybrid OR theater: 5-year single center experience Kwang Hun Lee ( Korea )
Technical highlights of EVAR in hostile proximal neck anatomy Marcus Katoh ( Germany )
Is type II endoleak after EVAR responsible for rupture?: indications for intervention and optimal techniques Robert Morgan ( UK )
EVAR for ruptured AAA: justification of EVAR indications Yong-Sun Jeon ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Joint Symposium with ICIS ( JS 05 ) English
08:00-11:20 201, 2F
Cancer imaging: more than morphologic assessment
Chairperson: Won Jae Lee
Jeong Min Lee
Advanced DWI and perfusion analysis Dow-Mu Koh ( UK )
PET/MR: where are we now? Gabriele Masselli ( Italy )
Recent advances in response evaluation and prediction after cancer treatment Dong Ho Lee ( Korea )
Recent advances in abdominal oncologic imaging
Chairperson: Myeong-Jin Kim
Chang Hee Lee
CT texture analysis in assessing gastrointestinal tumor response to therapy Richard Gore ( USA )
Recent update of imaging response assessment for cancer immunotherapy Kyung Won Kim ( Korea )
Structured reporting in staging abdominal malignancies; what the clinician needs to know Richard Gore ( USA )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Refresher Course ( RC 21 ) All English
09:50-11:20 Grand Ballroom 103, 1F
Practical issues on chest CT
Chairperson: Jae-Woo Song
Soo-Youn Ham
Lung CT screening reporting and data system (Lung-RADS™) : user manual Dae Hee Han ( Korea )
How to deal with thoracic emergencies Choong Wook Lee ( Korea )
How to deal with hemoptysis : MDCT angiography findings and endovascular management of hemoptysis in patients with lung cancer Antoine Khalil ( France )
How to deal with mediastinal tumor : differential diagnosis of mediastinal tumors based on a new mediastinal compartment classification on CT Noriyuki Tomiyama ( Japan )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Refresher Course ( RC 22 ) All Korean
09:50-11:20 203, 2F
Neonatal imaging every resident ought to know
Chairperson: Young Seok Lee
Young ah Cho
Neonatal chest imaging Bo-Kyung Je ( Korea )
Neonatal GI imaging Hyun-Hae Cho ( Korea )
Neonatal GU imaging Hyun Joo Shin ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) RINK-CR ( RINK ) Korean
09:50-11:20 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
RINK-CR scientific session: multicenter clinical trial
Chairperson: Byoung Wook Choi
Jeong Yeon Cho
LOCAT: a trial of a trial Kyoung Ho Lee ( Korea )
Asian consortium on radiation dose of pediatric cardiac CT (ASCI-REDCARD) Hyun Woo Goo ( Korea )
Preliminary report of a pilot study for the Korean lung cancer screening (K-LUCAS) project Ji Won Lee ( Korea )
Imaging informatics based clinical decision supporting system for metabolic syndrome: a big data and lifelog analytic approach Kwon-Ha Yoon ( Korea )
Secondary postpartum hemorrhage: clinical manifestations and effect of transcatheter arterial embolization Yeo Jin Kim ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Scientific Session ( SS 27 ) All English/Korean
09:50-11:20 Grand Ballroom 101, 1F
Cardiac valves and functions
Chairperson: Ki seok Choo
Heon Lee
Factors affecting the difference in aortic valve area measured with cardiac computed tomography and transthoracic echocardiography in patients with severe aortic stenosis Sung Min Ko ( Korea, Republic of )
Aortic annulus sizing in bicuspid and tricuspid aortic valves using CT: comparison with surgically replaced prosthetic valve size Hyun Jung Koo ( Korea, Republic of )
New classification of coronary venous anatomy using coronary CT angiography for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy planning Jin Young Yoo ( Korea, Republic of )
Assessment of left ventricular function and volume  by 3rd generation DSCT with patient specific radiation dose and advanced model based iterative reconstruction: a comparison with echocardiography. Ki seok Choo ( Korea, Republic of )
The Feasibility of Dual Energy Computed Tomography in Cardiac Contusion Imaging  Recep Sade ( Turkey )
Optimal monochromatic energy levels in spectral CT pulmonary angiogram for the detection: using Detector based Spectral CT.  Seung Kwan Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Semiautomatic three-dimensional CT ventricular volumetry in patients with congenital heart disease: agreement between two methods with different user interaction Hyun Woo Goo ( Korea, Republic of )
Three-dimensional Navigator-gated Whole-heart MRI Should Not Be Used for Ventricular Volumetry Using Three-dimensional Threshold-based Segmentation in Patients with Congenital Heart Disease Hyun Woo Goo ( Korea, Republic of )
Evaluation of commissural malalignment of aortic-pulmonary sinus using cardiac CT for arterial switch operation: comparison with transthoracic echocardiography Hyun Woo Goo ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Scientific Session ( SS 28 ) Jun Korean/English
09:50-11:20 Grand Ballroom 104, 1F
Recent issues in GU imaging
Chairperson: Sung Il Hwang
You Me Kim
Comparison of detection rate for uric acid uroliths among variable parameters of CT: Phantom study Jin kyem Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Estimation of Renal Length, Quickly, Easily and Feasibly Using Axial Image on Multidetector Computed Tomography (MDCT) Eungkoo Yeon ( Korea, Republic of )
Predicting the Development of Surgically Induced Chronic Kidney Disease Following Total Nephrectomy Using Body Surface Area-adjusted Renal Cortical Volume on CT Angiography Jeong Yoon Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Low Tube Voltage CT Urography Protocol using Low Concentration Iodine Contrast Media and Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm: A Multi-Institutional Study for Comparison with Conventional CT Urography Sang Youn Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Diagnostic Performance of Advanced Modeled Iterative Reconstruction Applied Images for Detecting Urinary Stones on Submillisievert Low-Dose Computed Tomography Juhee Ahn ( Korea, Republic of )
Comparison of detection rate for calcium uroliths among variable parameters of CT: Phantom study Jin kyem Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
CT findings of adnexal torsion: a mass-matched case-control study Myoung Seok LEE ( Korea, Republic of )
Preoperative Diagnosis of T 1 Stage Urinary Bladder Cancer: Significance of An Inchworm Sign at 3T Da Hoon Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Diagnostic Efficacy and Complications of Ultrasound-Guided Kidney Transplant Biopsy Using Cortex-Only View Jaeseung Shin ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Scientific Session ( SS 29 ) All English/Korean
09:50-11:20 208, 2F
Imaging and intervention of miscellaneous musculoskeletal condition
Chairperson: Mi Sook Sung
Sheen-Woo Lee
Clinical case study of topology optimization-based resolution enhancement of CT images for the proximal femur Jung Jin Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Dual energy computed tomography for urate crystal deposits in suspected gout: Incremental value of additional non-contrast computed tomography.  Seul Ki Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Evaluation of diffuse bone marrow involvement in non-Hodgkin lymphoma using qualitative and quantitative diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging Siarhei Kharuzhyk ( Belarus )
Automated finite element model generation of a proximal femur using plain radiographs and statistical models Jimin Nam ( Korea, Republic of )
The secret of Monosodium Urate Crystallization in Gout Patients: Contribution to Blood Urate Homeostasis YU JUNG PARK ( Korea, Republic of )
CT-guided Core Needle Biopsy of Bone Masses: Comparison of diagnostic yields and accuracies between two different types of biopsy needles Borahm Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Investigation of correlation between semiquantitative anlaysis of cadaveric synovial joint and the preferential joint involvement of RA and AS Seungjin Yoo ( Korea, Republic of )
MR Diagnosis of Chronic Posttraumatic Osteomyelitis of Extremities: revisited at 3T machine  Bit na Park ( Korea, Republic of )
Repeated ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy of musculoskeletal lesions: Clinical utility according to the types of the lesions Kyungjun Min ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Special Focus Session ( SF 09 ) Adv English
09:50-11:20 Grand Ballroom 102, 1F
Beyond neurointerventional procedure
Chairperson: Sang-Hoon Cha
Hae Woong Jeong
Flows in human body; technology and application Namkug Kim ( Korea )
Development of the FloWise flow-diverter and an initial clinical experience Byung Moon Kim ( Korea )
Use X-ray as cash: how to get neuro-angiographs wisely Deok Hee Lee ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Plenary Lecture Ⅲ ( PL 03 ) English
11:40-12:30 Grand Ballroom 101-105, 1F
Plenary Lecture
Chairperson: Jin Mo Goo
Future of radiology Tae-Hwan Lim ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Luncheon Symposium ( LS 10 ) English
12:40-13:40 Grand Ballroom 101-102, 1F
Siemens Healthineers
Chairperson: Seong-Gi Kim
Sang Joon Kim
Towards Clinical UHF Magnetic Resonance: MAGNETOM Terra Robin Heidemann ( Germany )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Luncheon Symposium ( LS 11 ) English
12:40-13:40 Grand Ballroom 103, 1F
Chairperson: Jin Mo Goo
Evolution of imaging in the context of personalized medicine and artificial intelligence: a view from Philips Homer Pien ( USA )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Luncheon Symposium ( LS 12 ) English
12:40-13:40 Grand Ballroom 104-105, 1F
Chairperson: Myeong-Jin Kim
Jae-Woo Song
Welcome Address WonSeog Choi ( Korea )
Radiation dose reduction and improvement of image quality in digital chest radiography Semin Chong ( Korea )
The new released LI-RADS classification of nodules in cirrhosis by using contrast enhanced ultrasound Tommaso Vincenzo Bartolotta ( Italy )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) RANK-QS ( QS ) Korean
14:00-15:30 203, 2F
RANK-QS 정책연구보고회
Chairperson: Joo Hyeong Oh
Seung Eun Jung
대한민국의 영상의학 검사 원격판독 실태 Hong Eo ( Korea )
영상정보교류의 효용성을 높이기 위한 영상 품질 기준 연구 Hyunsik Woo ( Korea )
근거기반 임상영상가이드라인 Eun Ju Ha ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Scientific Session ( SS 30 ) All English
14:00-15:30 208, 2F
Venous intervention
Chairperson: Young Soo Do
Sung Bum Cho
Central venous catheter placement in patients with central venous occlusion Jin ho Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Central venous access port via the left internal jugular vein: Predictive factors of catheter tip migration and image analysis Kangji Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
The correlation between extrinsic compression of stent and stent patency in innominate vein stenosis of hemodialysis patients using c-arm CT Woong-Hee Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
The feasibility and effectiveness of trans-jugular percutaneous transluminal angioplasty of dysfunctional arteriovenous graft for hemodialysis access Jung Han Hwang ( Korea, Republic of )
Comparison of loop-graft and straight-graft in percutaneous intervention in hemodialysis patients Eung tae Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Outback re-entry device for the treatment of central venous occlusion in hemodialysis patients Sun Jun An ( Korea, Republic of )
Retrieval success rate of various IVC filters in patient with DVT Jae Yeong Jeong ( Korea, Republic of )
The APTSD Score System :Assessment for the Probalility of Postthrombotic Syndrome in Patients with Deep Venous Thrombosis of the Lower Extremity HAO HUANG ( China )
Can preprocedural venous phase CT predict IVC filter tilting? : A single center experience of 169 infrarenal Celect IVC filter insertions Sang Yub Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Scientific Session ( SS 31 ) Adv English/Korean
14:00-15:30 201, 2F
Advanced musculoskeletal imaging techniques
Chairperson: Sang Hoon Lee
Jung-Ah Choi
High-grade versus Low-grade Soft Tissue Sarcoma: Differentiation with Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging Woojin Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Fat fraction and simultaneous R2* estimation of the vertebra using a multi-echo 3D gradient echo imaging as an MRI tool for assessment of bone mineralization.  SungKwan Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Quantitative Evaluation of Sodium MR Imaging of Normal Articular Cartilage in the Knee on 3T MRI; Feasibility Study  Kyung Ryeol Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Can Quantitative T2 Mapping of the Bone Marrow Be Used for Diagnosis of Sacroiliitis in Ankylosing Spondylitis? Hyun jung Yeoh ( Korea, Republic of )
Metal artifacts reduction in spine phantom ; Comparison of Dual-Energy- and Iterative-Based Metal Artifact Reduction Yeun Jeong Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Ligament Evaluation of the Hind and Midfoot: Better Depiction by using Dixon Method in Ankle MR Young Kwang Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Bone Metastases in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: Early Response to Target Therapy at 3T Multiparametric MR imaging  Seul Ki Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Multi-parametric MR Imaging of Age-related Changes in Healthy Thigh Muscles Min A Yoon ( Korea, Republic of )
Deep Learning-based Approach for Radiographic Assessment of Sacroiliitis in Patients with Axial Spondyloarthropathy Hee-Dong Chae ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Special Focus Session ( SF 10 ) Adv English
14:00-15:30 Grand Ballroom 101, 1F
Future perspective of cardiac imaging
Chairperson: Tae Hoon Kim
Jung Im Jung
Future perspective of cardiac CT Yi-ning Wang ( China )
Dual energy application of cardiac CT Byoung Wook Choi ( Korea )
Current trends of CMR: imaging technique Panki Kim ( Korea )
Current trends of CMR: clinical application Ji Won Lee ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Intersociety Joint Symposium ll (KSAR & SIAD) ( JS 06 ) All English/Korean
14:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 104, 1F
Abdominal emergencies
Chairperson: Won Jae Lee
Marc Zins
Welcome address by the KSR President Seung Hyup Kim ( Korea )
Acute mesenteric ischemia: is a stroke center the future? Maxime Ronot ( France )
Approach to acute gastrointestinal  bleeding: up to date Cheong-Il Shin ( Korea )
Acute appendicitis: what is the cost effectiveness of different imaging modalities? Ingrid Millet ( France )
Acute appendicitis: Jihoon Park ( Korea )
Imaging of mechanical small bowel obstruction: an update Marc Zins ( France )
Recent management of Crohn's disease: stratification of disease activity Kyoung Doo Song ( Korea )
Acute pancreatitis what has changed? Jean Pierre Tasu ( France )
Diagnostic challenge of autoimmune pancreatitis So Yeon Kim ( Korea )
Abdominal emergencies; small bowel
Chairperson: Jun Woo Lee
Se Hyung Kim
Surgery-related factors and outcomes in patients with Crohn’s disease in the era of anti-TNFa treatment Hyoung seop Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Nonspecific small bowel wall thickening on CT exam in patients with abdominal discomfort; when should we concern ? Dong Hyun Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Iodine Quantification on Spectral Detector-based Dual-energy CT Enterography: Correlation with Crohn’s Disease Activity Index Yeon Soo Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Local or Extragastric Recurrence after Incomplete Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection for Early Gastric Cancer: Risk Factors and Role of CT Sungeun Park ( Korea, Republic of )
Comparison of Diagnostic Performance between 1 Millisievert CT Enterography and Half Standard Dose CT Enterography for Evaluating Active Inflammation in Patients with Crohn’s Disease Seung Ho Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Diagnostic Value of Computed Tomography in Crohn’s Disease Patients Presenting with Acute Severe Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding Sunyoung Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Evaluation of Bowel Distension and Bowel Wall Visualization According to Patient Positions during Administration of Oral Contrast Media for CT Enterography Seul bi Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Multisession Course ( MC 02 NR (SF 11 & SS 33) ) Adv English/Korean
14:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 102, 1F
Recent issues in neuroimaging
Chairperson: Seung Hong Choi
Rémy Guillevin
Dynamic approach of low grade glioma using modeling of imaging data Remy Guillevin ( France )
Update for understanding high grade glioma: imaging-based approach Seung Hong Choi ( Korea )
CEST imaging Osamu Togao ( Japan )
Brain tumor imaging (II)
Chairperson: Seung-Koo Lee
Hyung Suk Seo
CEST signal evaluation in Alzheimer's patients with dementia Hyunseok Jeong ( Korea, Republic of )
Improvement in Diagnostic Performance of PK Parameters from DCE MRI Using Arterial Input Functions Obtained from DSC MRI: Application for Differentiation of High- from Low-Grade Astrocytoma Sung-Hye You ( Korea, Republic of )
Prediction of genetic profiles and prognosis using quantitative and qualitative MR imaging features in grade III gliomas: comparative study with glioblasotoma Eun Kyoung Hong ( Korea, Republic of )
Radiomic Phenotyping of Glioblastoma : Does It Improve Survival Prediction over Clinical and MGMT Promoter Methylation Status ?   Yoon Seong Choi ( Korea, Republic of )
Prognosis prediction of non-enhancing T2 hyperinstene area after completion of standard treatment in glioblastoma patients by using DCE MRI Sewoo Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Using a large scale ADC radiomics and clinical parameters to predict survival in glioblastoma: Improved prognostication over established clinical model  Ji Eun Park ( Korea, Republic of )
Characterization of Distinctive in vivo Metabolism between Enhancing and Non-enhancing Brain Tumors Using Hyperpolarized Carbon-13 MRI Seongwoong Kang ( Korea, Republic of )
Real-Time Hyperpolarized 13C Metabolic Imaging of Patients with Brain Tumor Ilwoo Park ( Korea, Republic of )
Building a large scale radiomics to yield high diagnostic performance for identifying atypical primary CNS lymphoma mimicking glioblastoma  Jung Youn Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
The added prognostic value of radiological phenotypes to clinical features and IDH1 mutation status in anaplastic gliomas Minsu Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
The Changes in O6-Methylguanine-DNA Methyltransferase Promoter Methylation Status in Initial and Recurrent High Grade Glioma: Diffusion and Perfusion MR Imaging Features Hye Jeong Choi ( Korea, Republic of )
Radiogenomics of glioblastoma: prediction of molecular subtype by using multiregional MR imaging features and machine learning techniques Sohi Bae ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Multisession Course ( MC 03 CH (SF 12 & SS 34) ) Adv English
14:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 103, 1F
Pulmonary functional imaging
Chairperson: Joon Beom Seo
Kiyeol Lee
Chest CT imaging biomarkers focusing on CT volumetry Noriyuki Tomiyama ( Japan )
Practical issues in quantitative CT imaging Hyun Ju Lim ( Korea )
Functional lung imaging with dual energy CT and quantification Hye Jeon Hwang ( Korea )
Pulmonary functional imaging
Chairperson: Dong-Wook Sung
Eun Jin Chae
Quantification of Subpleural Thickness in the Lung Base as a New Imaging Biomarker in Patient with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Soon Ho Yoon ( Korea, Republic of )
Multidimensional CT radiomics features in COPD patients in regards to quantification of emphysema, vascular alteration, and airway disease: global and segmental analysis with correlation with PFT Young-Hoon Cho ( Korea, Republic of )
Differentiation of benign and malignant pulmonary nodules on contrast enhanced CT: feasibility of quantitative computed tomography (CT) features  Jooae Choe ( Korea, Republic of )
Prognostic Value of Dual-Energy Computed Tomography for Patients with Advanced Adenocarcinoma     Yoo Jin Hong ( Korea, Republic of )
Updates on oncologic imaging
Chairperson: Kun-Il Kim
Joo Sung Sun
Interpretation of ground glass nodules Jin Mo Goo ( Korea )
CT radiomics Geewon Lee ( Korea )
Lung imaging in target therapy Chul Hwan Park ( Korea )
Updates on oncologic imaging
Chairperson: Yo Won Choi
Yookyung Kim
Observer Variability of Lung-RADS Categorization for Subsolid Nodules: Value of Semi-automatic Measurement Hyungjin Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Prediction of the invasive component of lung adenocarcinoma with software segmentation of the solid component in subsolid nodules: Value of the vessel removal algorithm Lorenzo Garzelli ( France )
Quantitative computed tomography (CT) based texture analysis; could we predict the future growth of the pure ground glass opacity nodule? Hye Lin Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Prognostic value of texture analysis on perfusion map of dual-energy CT in patients with resectable lung cancer Jooae Choe ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Multisession Course ( MC 04 GU (SF 13 & SS 35) ) Adv English
14:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
Cutting edge in prostate MRI
Chairperson: Eun Ju Lee
Chang Kyu Sung
Computed diffusion-weighted MRI in prostate cancer Yoshiko Ueno ( Japan )
DCE-MRI is necessary or not? Sung Yoon Park ( Korea )
Practical strategy of prebiopsy MRI Hak Jong Lee ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Multisession Course ( MC 04 GU (SF 13 & SS 35) ) Jun English
14:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
Cutting edge in prostate MRI
Chairperson: Jeong Yeon Cho
Young Taik Oh
Biparametric Prostate Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Prebiopsy Role in Diagnosing Gleason Score 7 or Greater Prostate Cancer Sueji Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Is biparametric MRI sufficient for the localization of prostate cancer? Jungheum Cho ( Korea, Republic of )
Investigation of Amide Proton Transfer - Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (APT-CEST) MRI for Prostate Cancer using Histogram based Pattern Analysis Sung Kyoung Moon ( Korea, Republic of )
Texture analysis of prostate MRI by using the Gray-Level Co-Occurrence Matrix (GLCM) for the characterization of prostate cancer, normal prostatic peripheral zone, and transition zone Hyun Soo Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
PI-RADS version 2: Optimal Time Range for Determining Positivity of Dynamic Contrast-enhanced Imaging in Peripheral Zone Prostate Cancer Heejin Bae ( Korea, Republic of )
Impact of Contour Distortion by Transrectal Probe on Prostatic Volume Estimation during Transrectal Ultrasonography Bum Sang Cho ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Multisession Course ( MC 04 GU (SF 13 & SS 35) ) All English
14:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
Gynecologic/Renal disease
Chairperson: Byung Chul Kang
Sung Il Jung
Gynecologic tumor imaging Gigin Lin ( Taiwan )
Deep infiltrating endometriosis: what the clinicians want to know? Sung Eun Rha ( Korea )
RCC subtypes based on CT and MRI Hyuck Jae Choi ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Multisession Course ( MC 04 GU (SF 13 & SS 35) ) Jun English
14:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
Gynecologic/Renal disease
Chairperson: Min Hoan Moon
Seong Kuk Yoon
Prediction of Lymph Node Metastasis in Endometrial Cancer Based on Pre-operative Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Value of Diffusion-weighted Imaging. Jung Jae Park ( Korea, Republic of )
Incremental value of ultrasound in small renal mass (<4 cm) with T2 low signal intensity to differentiate fat poor angiomyolipoma and renal cell carcinoma Kye Jin Park ( Korea, Republic of )
Usefulness of Contrast-enhanced Ultrasonography (CEUS) in Differential Diagnosis of Solid or Cystic Renal Masses Youe Ree Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Is Chest Computed Tomography Always Necessary Following Nephrectomy for Renal Cell Carcinoma?: A Pilot Study in a Single Tertiary Institution Hongseon Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Asbestos Related Pleuropulmonary Diseases(석면관련질환의 영상판독교육) ( AS ) Korean
16:00-18:00 203, 2F
Asbestos related pleuropulmonary diseases(석면관련질환의 영상소견 강의와 hands on practice)
Chairperson: Jae-Woo Song
Jeung Sook Kim
The Introduction of asbestos health damage relief system in Korea(석면피해구제제도 소개 및 현황) Youngha Kim ( Korea )
Radiologic findings of asbestosis(석면폐증의 영상소견) Yoon Kyung Kim ( Korea )
Radiologic findings of pleural plaque(흉막반의 영상소견) Yeon Joo Jeong ( Korea )
Hands on practice and discussion Jeung Sook Kim ( Korea )
Yoon Kyung Kim ( Korea )
Yeon Joo Jeong ( Korea )
Yoon Ki Cha ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Scientific Session ( SS 32 ) All English
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 101, 1F
Endovascular therapy in cerebrovascular diseases
Chairperson: Pyoung Jeon
Deok Hee Lee
Evaluation of patient radiation dose according to the craniocaudal angle in cerebral angiography Yunsun Song ( Korea, Republic of )
Post-embolization Dual Energy CT (DECT) of brain: frequently noted contrast enhancing areas after endovascular treatment of unruptured intracranial aneurysm. Jieun Roh ( Korea, Republic of )
Findings and Clinical Usefulness of the C-arm CT (Xper) after Mechanical Thrombectomy of Acute Occlusion of the Anterior Circulation Myung Ho Rho ( Korea, Republic of )
Proximal Coil-protected Embolization for Cranial and Spinal Shunt Diseases with N-butyl cyanoacrylate or Onyx Jin Woo Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Clinical Implications of CT Hyperdense Artery Sign in Patients with Acute MCA Occlusion in the Era of Modern Stent-Retriever Thrombectomy  Seul Kee Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Clinical Significance and Outcomes of Isolated Basal Ganglionic Infarction after Stent-Retriever Embolectomy for Acute Anterior Circulation Stroke Byung Hyun Baek ( Korea, Republic of )
Stenting for Intracranial Steno-occlusive Lesions In Ischemic Stroke As a Rescue Method;   An Initial Experience with Enterprise Stent and Clinical Outcome  Woo Sang Jung ( Korea, Republic of )
Patient Radiation Dose from Neuroangiography : Effect of Serial Application of Dose Reduction Protocols Bum-soo Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Prevalence of Intracranial Aneurysm in Patients with Aortic Dissection Jae Min Shin ( Korea, Republic of )
Endovascular therapy and stroke imaging
Chairperson: Pyoung Jeon
Deok Hee Lee
The benefit of platelet reactivity testing before flow-diverter device placement: meta-analysis Eun Jung Shim ( Korea, Republic of )
Volume-Outcome Relationship for Endovascular Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke and Identifying volume thresholds in Korea Dong-Hyun Shim ( Korea, Republic of )
Can permanent stenting be considered in mechanical thrombectomy-failed acute stroke? Byung Moon Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Scientific Session ( SS 36 ) All English/Korean
16:00-18:00 208, 2F
Interventional oncology
Chairperson: Young-Min Han
Ji Hoon Shin
Conventional versus Small-sized (75~150 Micron) Drug-eluting Bead Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolization in Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer Stage 0/A Hepatocellular Carcinoma Seungyoon Chae ( Korea, Republic of )
Usefulness of Fusion Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Imaging for Detection of Viable Tumor in patients with hepatocellular Carcinoma treated with conventional TACE Jung Suk Oh ( Korea, Republic of )
Transcatheter arterial chemoembolization for small (≤ 2cm) hepatocellular carcinoma in the caudate lobe: comparison with transcatheter arterial embolization combined with radiofrequency ablation Dongho Hyun ( Korea, Republic of )
Portal Hypertension is Associated with Poor Outcomes of Chemoembolization in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma Jin Woo Choi ( Korea, Republic of )
Tumor Response and Survival Outcomes of Bland Embolization Using Calibrated PVA for Massive Hepatocellular Carcinoma with Macrovascular Invasion Yang jun Kang ( Korea, Republic of )
Antitumor effect of intra-arterial delivery of doxorubicin-albumin nanoparticle loaded lipid microbubbles combined with ultrasound-targeted microbubble activation on VX2 rabbit liver tumor Jae Hwan Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Effect of bilirubin level on hepatic hypertrophy after portal vein embolization in primary biliary malignancy Hyoung Nam Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
RFA for Perivascular HCC: RFA Alone or Combined Therapy with TACE? Soyeon Park ( Korea, Republic of )
Combined therapy of TACE and RFA versus surgical resection for single 2 to 3 cm HCC: a propensity score matching analysis Hyo-jae Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Radiofrequency Ablation versus Surgical Resection in Patients with Single 2 to 3 cm Hepatocellular Carcinoma Seul Gi Choi ( Korea, Republic of )
Imaging guided liver fiducial marker placement for stereotactic body radiotherapy in hepatic malignancy: safety and efficacy based on a single-centre experience Cheuk Man Chu ( Hong Kong )
Initial experience of no-touch switching monopolar laparoscopic radiofrequency ablation using a separable cluster electrode in patient with hepatocellular carcinoma Myung Sub Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 28 (Sat) Scientific Session ( SS 37 ) All English/Korean
16:00-18:00 201, 2F
Imaging of joints
Chairperson: Kyung Ah Chun
Min Hee Lee
Uncovered Medial Meniscus Sign: MR Evidence of Lost Brake Stop Mechanism in Patients with Complete Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear Youngjune Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Can 5-Minute Isotropic 3D Turbo Spin-Echo Imaging Replace Standard 2D MR Imaging at 3T Knee MR Imaging? Seung hee Han ( Korea, Republic of )
Intratendinous high signal of long head biceps tendon Value for predicting biceps tendon pathology ; comparison with arthroscopy Jae Hong Yoon ( Korea, Republic of )
MR imaging of anterior talofibular ligament in chronic ankle instability: Value for qualitative analysis in pre-operative evaluation Hyemin Jang ( Korea, Republic of )
Radiologic Findings for prediction of Rehabilitation Outcomes in Patients with Chronic Symptomatic Os Subfibulare CHANKUE PARK ( Korea, Republic of )
MRI of cuboid pulley lesion Min-Yung Chang ( Korea, Republic of )
Imaging of joints
Chairperson: Jang Gyu Cha
Ho-Taek Song
Evaluation of anterior talofibular ligament and anterior inferior tibiofibular ligament : Comparison of additional 2D oblique coronal view and 3D isotropic T2-weighted fast spin-echo sequence Eun Kyung Khil ( Korea, Republic of )
Predictive Factors of Retear in Patients with Repaired Rotator Cuff Tear on Shoulder MRI Dong yoon Han ( Korea, Republic of )
Incidence and Patterns of Floating Fat in the Extensor Tendon Sheath in Patients with Acute Distal Radius Fracture: Contributing Factors Based on Radiographic, CT and MR Features. Sun jeong Moon ( Korea, Republic of )
Comparison of T2 Relaxation Values in Subtalar Cartilage between Patients with Lateral Instability of the Ankle Joint and Healthy Volunteers Hyun Su Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Can a preoperative MRI predict the stiff shoulder requiring manipulation and surgical capsular release? Eun jee Song ( Korea, Republic of )

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