KCR 2017

Session (Daily)

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Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Joint Symposium with KSIIM ( JS 03 ) Korean
08:00-09:30 208, 2F
영상의학과 의사가 딥러닝 시작하기
Chairperson: Jong Hyo Kim
Byoung Wook Choi
영상의학과에 딥러닝 시스템 셋업 및 운영 따라하기 Kwang Gi Kim ( Korea )
영상의학과 의사가 공부해야 할 딥러닝은? Helen Hong ( Korea )
의료영상에서 딥러닝의 적용 분야 Youngjun Kim ( Korea )
영상의학과 의사를 위한 알기쉬운 인공지능 이론 Sungwon Kim ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Refresher Course ( RC 08 ) All English
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 104, 1F
Breast cancer screening: current status and future direction
Chairperson: Eun Suk Cha
Boo-Kyung Han
Breast cancer screening guidelines Seung ja Kim ( UAE )
Breast cancer screening with new modality Hee Jung Moon ( Korea )
Personalised breast screening - a risk adaptive approach Fiona Gilbert ( UK )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Refresher Course ( RC 09 ) All Korean
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
Best practical approach
Chairperson: Kyeong Ah Kim
Chan Kyo Kim
Adrenal incidentaloma Myoung Seok Lee ( Korea )
Indeterminate renal masses Dong Won Kim ( Korea )
Renal biopsy Mi-hyun Kim ( Korea )
Adnexal masses Moon Hyung Choi ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Scientific Session ( SS 15 ) All English/Korean
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 101, 1F
Treatment evaluation
Chairperson: Joon-Il Choi
Kwon-Ha Yoon
Percutaneous Cryoablation for Perivascular Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Therapeutic Efficacy and Vascular Complications Ran Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Radiofrequency Ablation of VX2 Subcapsular Hepatic Tumor In Vivo In Rabbit: Comparison of No-touch Technique with Conventional Direct Tumor Puncture Technique Tae-Hyung Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Diagnostic performance of CT angiography and contrast-enhanced US for evaluation of hepatic artery obstruction after liver transplantation. Jin Sil Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Evaulation of Prognostic Factors of Early Recurrence with Local Tumor Progression of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Following Radiofrequency Ablation TAEHOON AHN ( Korea, Republic of )
Prediction of Intrahepatic Distance Recurrence after Radiofrequency Ablation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Role of CT Findings Indicating Portal Hypertension. Ran Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Gallbladder distention with residual gastric contents after fasting: A finding that suggests acute cholecystitis Jungmin Hwang ( Korea, Republic of )
Hepatocellular carcinoma: Texture Analysis of Preoperative CT Images as a Potential Marker of Disease Free Survival. Jiseon Oh ( Korea, Republic of )
Prognosis after transarterial chemoembolization using DC-beads hepatocellular carcinoma: tumor response evaluation using volumetric assessment Jeong Hee Yoon ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Scientific Session ( SS 16 ) Adv English
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 102, 1F
Chairperson: Jeong Kon Kim
Seung Soo Lee
Relevant factors and practical aspects in the management of PET/CT facility while receiving 18F-FDG from a Distant Supplier Muhammad Waleed Asfandyar ( Pakistan )
Imaging Informatics based Clinical Decision Supporting System for Metabolic Syndrome: A Big Data and Lifelog Analytic Approach Kwon-Ha Yoon ( Korea, Republic of )
Design of Active Targeted-Induced Upconversion Nanoparticles for Image-Guided Photodynamic Therapy of Pancreatic Cancer Yong Han ( China )
Randomised controlled trial of effect of videos on co-operativeness of children coming for MRI scans and their requirement for general anaesthesia Yan Zhi Ong ( Singapore )
Quantification of skeletal muscle area using Dual-energy CT _ comparison with the result using conventional non-contrast CT scan Kihyun Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Quantitative analysis of radiation dose and comparison of image quality: digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) vs. full-field digital mammography (FFDM). Yoonmi Choi ( Korea, Republic of )
Comparison three models and two electrion paths  for braking radiation. Chul Soon Choi ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Scientific Session ( SS 17 ) All English/Korean
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 103, 1F
Brain tumor imaging (I)
Chairperson: Kookjin Ahn
Dae Seob Choi
Perfusion and brain tissue changes in the burning mouth syndrome: A diagnostic value of arterial spin labeling and volumetric MRI Na Young Choi ( Korea, Republic of )
Assessment of ASL perfusion MRI as an imaging biomarker in epilepsy: imaging timing and perfusion pattern analysis. Jungbin Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Comparison of gadoterate meglumine and gadobutrol in MRI diagnosis of brain tumors: a double-blind randomized intra-individually controlled in cross-over study (the REMIND study) Sang Joon Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Comparison of 3D Volumetric Subtraction Technique and 2D Dynamic Contrast Enhancement Technique in Evaluation of Contrast Enhancement in Cushing's Disease Yaewon Park ( Korea, Republic of )
Comparison of Contrast-Enhanced T2 FLAIR, 3D T1 Black-Blood Fast Spin-Echo, and 3D T1 Fast Spoiled Gradient-Echo Sequences for Detection of Leptomeningeal Metastases Yae Won Park ( Korea, Republic of )
Radiomic profiling of WHO grade III glioma for improved survival prediction over clinical and IDH1 mutation status. Yoon Seong Choi ( Korea, Republic of )
A review of the radio pathological spectrum of posterior third ventricular lesions and critical MR findings that need to be relayed to the operating surgeon. Sankar Neelakantan ( India )
Quantitative radiomic approach for differentiating atypical glioblastoma from primary central nervous system lymphoma. Hie Bum Suh ( Korea, Republic of )
Leakage correction improves prognosis prediction of dynamic susceptibility contrast perfusion MRI in primary central nervous system lymphoma Yeon Soo Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Scientific Session ( SS 18 ) All English/Korean
08:00-09:30 203, 2F
Lung cancer screening
Chairperson: Chan-Sup Park
Myung hee Chung
Preliminary Report of a Pilot Study for the Korean Lung Cancer Screening (K-LUCAS) Project Ji Won Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Size-specific dose estimation in the Korean Lung Cancer Screening (K-LUCAS) Project: Does a 32-cm diameter phantom represent a standard sized patient? Eun Young Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Optimization  of a chest CT protocol for the detection of ground glass opacity nodules: feasibility study with a computer assisted detection system and a lung cancer screening phantom Seongmin Kang ( Korea, Republic of )
Accuracy of Part-solid Ground-glass Nodule Volumetry in Chest CT with Iterative Reconstruction: an Anthropomorphic Chest Phantom Study. Seung Kwan Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Advanced technology
Chairperson: Hwan Seok Yong
Sung Shine Shim
Automatic Detection of Malignant Pulmonary Nodules on Chest Radiographs Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network: Detection Performance and Comparison with Human Experts Ju Nam ( Korea, Republic of )
Potential of grid-like software on bedside chest radiography in improving image quality and dose reduction: an observer preference study between non-grid, grid-like, and grid images  SU YEON AHN ( Korea, Republic of )
The impact of virtual monoenergetic reconstruction algorithms on spectral CT in reducing beam hardening artifacts of contrast media in the subclavian vein Da jung Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
The value of Iterative Metal Artifact Reduction (iMAR) for detection of ground-glass opacity nodule (GGN); A pilot phantom study. Ji Eun Choi ( Korea, Republic of )
Application of kernel conversion between different reconstruction kernels at CT using convolutional neural network: Feasibility in radiomics Jooae Choe ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) What's New Session ( WN ) Korean
08:00-11:20 201, 2F
4D flow imaging
Chairperson: Jang Yeon Park
Ho Sung Kim
4D Flow MRI Seq Panki Kim ( Korea )
4D Flow MRI 와 유체역학 Hojin Ha ( Korea )
4D Flow MRI 의 임상적용 Dong Hyun Yang ( Korea )
Break and 3D printing 전시
3D 프린팅과 영상의학
Chairperson: Joon Beom Seo
Sang Gyu Ju
3D 프린팅 개요 Guk bae Kim ( Korea )
3D 프린팅의 의료응용: surgeon’s view Beom-seok Ko ( Korea )
3D 프린팅과 영상의학 Jung Hoon Kim ( Korea )
3D 프린팅과 방사선종양학 Sang Gyu Ju ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Refresher Course ( RC 10 ) All English
09:50-11:20 Grand Ballroom 103, 1F
Machine learning
Chairperson: Ho Sung Kim
Seung Hong Choi
Deep learning in preprocessing of brain tumor radiomics Ho Sung Kim ( Korea )
Machine learning in neuroimaging Leonard Sunwoo ( Korea )
'R' in neuro-oncologic imaging Yoon Seong Choi ( Korea )
Statistical modeling with high dimensional imaging features Soyeon Ahn ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Scientific Session ( SS 19 ) All English/Korean
09:50-11:20 Grand Ballroom 101, 1F
Colon & rectum
Chairperson: Joonseok Lim
Kyung Seung Oh
T2 weighted signal intensity-selective volumetry for prediction of pathological complete response after preoperative chemoradiotherapy in locally advanced rectal cancer. SUNGWON KIM ( Korea, Republic of )
Magnetic resonance tumor regression grade to assess response after neoadjuvant chemoradiation therapy for locally advanced rectal cancer: pathologic characteristics of the response assessment system Jong keon Jang ( Korea, Republic of )
How to accurately measure the location of rectal cancer on preoperative MR imaging; a prospective study with anal verge marker. Yeo eun Han ( Korea, Republic of )
Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of CT Features for Differentiating Complicated and Uncomplicated Appendicitis Hae young Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Correlation between Perfusion CT and Dual-energy CT in Colorectal Cancer Hyo-Jin Kang ( Korea, Republic of )
Interobserver reproducibility in assessing the response after neoadjuvant chemoradiation therapy for locally advanced rectal cancer using magnetic resonance tumor regression grade (mrTRG) Jong keon Jang ( Korea, Republic of )
Assessment of the Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation Outcomes in Patients with Clinical T1/T2 Rectal Cancer Using the MRI Tumor Regression Grade Heejin Bae ( Korea, Republic of )
Comparison of standard staging protocol and WB-MRI for initial staging of Rectal cancer Jeong Hee Yoon ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Scientific Session ( SS 20 ) All English/Korean
09:50-11:20 Grand Ballroom 102, 1F
Spine imaging and intervention
Chairperson: Young Sook Kim
Baek Hyun Kim
Additional Tin-filtration for Cervical Spinal CT: Comparison of Image Quality and Radiation Dose between Conventional CT and Tin-filtrated CT Sumin Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Factors affecting aggravation of localized disc herniation of lumbar vertebra Sungwook Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Dual Energy CT-based Detection Of Bone Marrow Edema In Patients With Acute Spinal Injury : Diagnostic Performance In Correlation To MR Imaging Soo Yeon Jeong ( Korea, Republic of )
The termination level of dural sac relevant to caudal epidural block in lumbosacral transitional vertebrae: Comparison between sacralization and lumbarization groups JI Young Jeon ( Korea, Republic of )
New In Vivo Perfusion Imaging for Spinal Cord Using Hyperpolarized [13C]t-Butanol and [13C, 15N2]Urea Ilwoo Park ( Korea, Republic of )
The feasibility of dual-energy CT in differentiation of vertebral compression fractures Recep Sade ( Turkey )
Effect of Body Mass Index on lumbar disc degeneration Gaurav Parmar ( India )
Effect of metal hardware on radiation exposure during fluoroscopy-guided epidural steroid injection Hee young Choi ( Korea, Republic of )
MRI findings of aquaporin-4 antibody-positive longitudinally extensive transverse myelitis. Choong Guen Chee ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Scientific Session ( SS 21 ) Jun English/Korean
09:50-11:20 Grand Ballroom 104, 1F
Diagnostic breast imaging with new modality
Chairperson: Bo Kyoung Seo
Nariya Cho
Contrast-enhanced Spectral Mammography versus MRI for Measuring the Size of Breast Cancer Inyoung Youn ( Korea, Republic of )
Predictive models for CEUS of the breast: Is it feasible in improved performance of BI-RADS evaluation of critical breast lesions?——Primary analysis from multi-center prospective study in China Jun Luo ( China )
Low-dose Perfusion CT of the Breast: Quantitative Assessment of Tumor Vascularity and Correlation with Biological Features in Breast Cancer Eun Kyung Park ( Korea, Republic of )
Contrast-enhanced ultrasound: prediction of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer and interobserver agreement Youn Joo Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
The influence of lesion depth on sonoelastographic assessment of breast lesions: comparison of strain and shear wave elastography Ha Yan Sim ( Korea, Republic of )
Pretreatment prediction of pathologic complete response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer: Perfusion metrics of dynamic contrast enhanced MR Jeong-min Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Factors Affecting the Accuracy of Breast MR Images in the Evaluation of Tumor Extent Following Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy   Soo-Yeon Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Feasibility of synthetic diffusion weighted MR images (DWI): Qualitative and quantitative comparison of synthetic versus acquired DWI in patients with breast cancer Eun Cho ( Korea, Republic of )
Qualitative and Quantitative US Indexes of Tumor Vascularity in Breast Masses on Superb Microvascular Imaging (SMI) and Contrast-enhanced US (CEUS): Correlation with Histologic Vascular Parameters  Myoungae Kwon ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Scientific Session ( SS 22 ) All English/Korean
09:50-11:20 208, 2F
Pediatric sonography (1)
Chairperson: Hong Eo
Ah Young Jung
Spontaneous renal subcapsular fluid collection in extremely preterm infants: a grave prognostic sign Saelin Oh ( Korea, Republic of )
Differences of shear wave elastography values in the course of unilateral renal obstruction: experiment study with a rabbit model. HAESUNG YOON ( Korea, Republic of )
Texture analysis for the discrimination of pediatric renal tumors using gray-scale ultrasonography. Hyun Joo Shin ( Korea, Republic of )
Noninvasive assessment of liver stiffness in patients with Fontan and Rastelli operation. Yeon-jin Cho ( Korea, Republic of )
Pediatric sonography (1)
Chairperson: Kwanseop Lee
Yun-jung Lim
Testicular adrenal rest tumor in congenital adrenal hyperplasia patients: long-term follow-up study and correlation with sonographic volume and hormone level SEUNGHYUN LEE ( Korea, Republic of )
Imaging Spectrum of Pediatric Adnexal Torsion According to the Age Group Ji Yeong Lee, So- Young Yoo, Ji Hye Kim, Tae Yeon Jeon, Se Lin Oh Jiyeong Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
The association between thyroid echogenicity and thyroid function in pediatric and adolescent Hashimoto’s thyroiditis Sun Hye Jeong ( Korea, Republic of )
Ultrafast Doppler ultrasound for cranial arteries in neonates Hyun Gi Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Special Focus Session ( SF 01 ) Adv English
09:50-11:20 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
MRI of the lung : state of the art
Chairperson: Yun-Hyeon Kim
Jin Hwan Kim
Lung MR imaging: current status and future challenges Ho Yun Lee ( Korea )
MR in mediastinal tumor Soon Ho Yoon ( Korea )
MR in lung cancer Woocheol Kwon ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Special Focus Session ( SF 02 ) Adv English
09:50-11:20 203, 2F
Hepatic tumor: beyond imaging
Chairperson: Jeong-Sik Yu
Jae Young Lee
HCC; imaging and pathology spectrum Yoshiki Asayama ( Japan )
HCC: hepatobiliary phase vs Kupffer phase Ijin Joo ( Korea )
Hepatic tumor: vascular biology - made easy Honsoul Kim ( Korea )
Hepatic tumor: prediction of invasiveness Young Kon Kim ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Plenary Lecture Ⅱ ( PL 02 ) English
11:40-12:30 Grand Ballroom 101-105, 1F
Plenary Lecture
Chairperson: Hak Hee Kim
Screening in dense breasts: challenges and options Woo Kyung Moon ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) KSR Annual Report ( KSR ) Korean
12:40-13:40 201, 2F
KSR Annual Report

Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Luncheon Symposium ( LS 06 ) English
12:40-13:40 Grand Ballroom 101-102, 1F
Central Medical Service

Advanced German technology for intelligent injection - CT motion Frank Fonferek ( Germany )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Luncheon Symposium ( LS 07 ) English
12:40-13:40 Grand Ballroom 103, 1F
Guerbet Korea
Chairperson: Myeong-Jin Kim
Liver Diagnostic by CT: Place of MDCT in Liver Perfusion Analysis Jeong Min Lee ( Korea )
Liver Diagnostic by MRI: How delayed phase using extracellular Gd chelates can help in difficult clinical cases? Maxime Ronot ( France )
HCC Treatment: Place of cTACE from early to late stage HCC Valérie Vilgrain ( France )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Luncheon Symposium ( LS 08 ) English
12:40-13:40 Grand Ballroom 104-105, 1F
GE Healthcare Korea
Chairperson: Jeong Yeon Cho
Imaging optimization for cancer patients Chaan S. Ng ( USA )
Advanced 3T MRI of Body Oncology Marc Zins ( France )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Luncheon Symposium ( LS 09 ) English
12:40-13:40 203, 2F
INFINITT Healthcare Co., Ltd
Chairperson: Jin Wook Chung
Impact of PACS on Radiologist’s Work Efficiency Yoon Ki Cha ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Refresher Course ( RC 11 ) Adv English
14:00-15:30 Grand Ballroom 101, 1F
Advanced imaging techniques of MSK system
Chairperson: Kyung Nam Ryu
Kil ho Cho
MR of cartialge; state of the art Mamoru Niitsu ( Japan )
Advanced MR imaging techniques in MSK; the need for speed Sang Hoon Lee ( Korea )
DWI in MSK system Joon-Yong Jung ( Korea )
US elastography Chang Ho Kang ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Refresher Course ( RC 12 ) Jun Korean
14:00-15:30 Grand Ballroom 103, 1F
Portal hypertension and interventional radiology
Chairperson: Jeong Ho Kim
Young Hwan Kim
Portal Hypertension: Anatomy and Pathophysiology Min Uk Kim ( Korea )
TIPS Ung Rae Kang ( Korea )
BRTO/PARTO Heung Kyu Ko ( Korea )
Percutaneous embolization of varices Myungsu Lee ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Refresher Course ( RC 13 ) All English
14:00-15:30 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
Cardiac MRI - from basic to advanced
Chairperson: Jongmin Lee
Hwan Seok Yong
CMR protocol: how should I start CMR at my institution Chul Hwan Park ( Korea )
Quantitative CMR interpretation - cine & perfusion Eun Young Kim ( Korea )
Quantitative CMR interpretation - delayed enhancement & mapping Dong-jin Im ( Korea )
Quantitative assessment of cardiomyopahty using CMR Shihua Zhao ( China )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Special Focus Session ( SF 03 ) Adv English
14:00-15:30 Grand Ballroom 102, 1F
Advanced neuroimaging
Chairperson: EungYeop Kim
Hyeon Jin Kim
Myelin imaging Akifumi Hagiwara ( Japan )
Nigrosome imaging EungYeop Kim ( Korea )
Diffusion and temperature KoJi Sakai ( Japan )
MRS in neuroimaging Hyeon Jin Kim ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Special Focus Session ( SF 04 ) Adv English
14:00-15:30 Grand Ballroom 104, 1F
Breast imaging: a perspective for the next decade
Chairperson: Hye-Young Choi
Eun-Kyung Kim
Functional multimodal imaging in breast cancer Fiona Gilbert ( UK )
Imaging features associated with clinical outcome in breast cancer Eun Sook Ko ( Korea )
Application of new technology in breast iamging Fan Yang ( China )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Special Focus Session ( SF 05 ) Adv English
14:00-15:30 203, 2F
What's new in the imaging diagnosis and management of colorectal cancer
Chairperson: David Kim
Seong Ho Park
[Screening] Serrated polyps at CT colonography: relevance, appearance, and avoiding pitfalls David Kim ( USA )
[Pretreatment evaluation] Optimal use of imaging for pretreatment staging Seong Ho Park ( Korea )
[Postsurgical follow-up] Use and interpretation of imaging during postsurgical follow-up Nieun Seo ( Korea )
[Surgery] Surgical procedures other than TME for rectal cancer In-ja Park ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Multisession Course ( MC 01 PD (SF 06 & SS 26) ) All English
14:00-18:00 208, 2F
Pediatric body imaging
Chairperson: Gye Yeon Lim
Jin Seong Lee
Pediatric acute airway imaging Stephen F. Simoneaux ( USA )
Four-dimensional CT of the diaphragm in children: initial experience Hyun Woo Goo ( Korea, Republic of )
Combined ECG- and Respiratory-triggered CT of the Lung to Reduce Respiratory Misregistration Artifacts between Imaging Slabs in Free-breathing Children: Initial Experience Hyun Woo Goo ( Korea, Republic of )
Pediatric body imaging
Chairperson: Hee Jung Lee
Woo Sun Kim
Emergency room pediatric imaging Johan G. Blickman ( USA )
Low tube-voltage and low iodine-concentration abdominalCT: Effect on image quality in young children Sun Kyoung You ( Korea, Republic of )
Advanced virtual monochromatic reconstruction in pediatric abdominal CT using a low iodine concentration contrast medium: Image quality comparison with conventional CT SEUNGHYUN LEE ( Korea, Republic of )
Comparison of image quality of the abdominopelvic computed tomography in pediatrics in different tube voltage groups: low-osmolar contrast media vs. less iodine-containing iso-osmolar contrast media. Mae ran Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Pediatric body MRI
Chairperson: Jung-Eun Cheon
Myung Joon Kim
Pediatric body MR and MR contrast Christoph Malte Heyer ( Germany )
T1 mapping of the liver using look-locker inversion recovery sequence: a noninvasive indicator of hepatic function in children. YeonJin Cho ( Korea, Republic of )
Gadoterate meglumine pharmacokinetics, safety and efficacy in pediatric subjects aged <2 years Mario Scala ( Austria )
Pediatric neuroimaging
Chairperson: Hye-Kyung Yoon
In-One Kim
Multi-delay arterial spin labeling MRI in neonates and infants: brain perfusion changes during brain maturation. Hyun Gi Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Arterial spin labeling MRI for quantitative assessment of cerebral perfusion before and after cerebral revascularization in children with moyamoya disease Ji young Ha ( Korea, Republic of )
Clinical Implications of the Punctate White Matter Lesion on Brain MRI in Preterm Infants Young Jin RYU ( Korea, Republic of )
Pediatric neuroimaging
Chairperson: Ji Hye Kim
Yong-Woo Kim
Noninvasive assessment of treatment response to novel therapies for pediatric diffuse midline glioma using hyperpolarized 13C metabolic imaging Ilwoo Park ( Korea, Republic of )
The added value of whole-body magnetic resonance imaging in initial risk stratification of Langerhans cell histiocytosis. Jeong Rye Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
T1 signal intensity of the thyroid gland in neonates: Correlation with postnatal time Seung hee Byun ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Visionary Education Session ( VES ) Korean
14:00-18:00 201, 2F
Voice from pioneers
Chairperson: Seung Hyup Kim
인사 말씀 Seung Hyup Kim ( Korea )
셰익스피어 연극보기 Kwanseh Lee ( Korea )
이슬람권에서 영상의학과 의사되기 Jung-Gi Im ( Korea )
Writing a good research paper
Chairperson: Seung-Koo Lee
Introduction to ‘R’ Kyunghwa Han ( Korea )
Guide to new imaging biomarker Ji Eun Park ( Korea )
좋은 논문 작성하기 Seong Ho Park ( Korea )
2018년도 영상의학과 인력 수급 전망 Seung-Koo Lee ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Joint Symposium with KOSRO ( JS 04 ) Jun Korean
16:00-18:00 203, 2F
Collaboration with KOSRO: recent update of radiotherapy and Post-RT imaging
Chairperson: Dongil Choi
Hee Chul Park
Opening remarks Hee Chul Park ( Korea )
Opening remarks Jin Mo Goo ( Korea )
Target volume delineation in radiotherapy for pancreaticobiliary cancers Kyubo Kim ( Korea )
Imaging findings after RTx for pancreaticobiliary cancer Jin Sil Kim ( Korea )
On-going evolution in radiotherapy for rectal cancer Eui Kyu Chie ( Korea )
MR tumor regression grade(mrTRG) after RTx for rectal cancer Se Hyung Kim ( Korea )
Utility of liver imaging for liver directed RT Hee Chul Park ( Korea )
MR imaging findings after RTx for hepatocellular carcinoma Tae Wook Kang ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Refresher Course ( RC 14 ) All Korean
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 103, 1F
Case-based learning: common disease of upper extremity
Chairperson: Young-Hwan Lee
Seon-Kwan Juhng
Shoulder, glenohumeral instability Sung Gyu Moon ( Korea )
Shoulder, rotator cuffs So-Yeon Lee ( Korea )
Shoulder, rotator interval/ AC and CC joints Jang Gyu Cha ( Korea )
Elbow, upper-arm Hye Won Chung ( Korea )
Wrist, and , finger Jee Young Lee ( Korea )
Brachial plexus and nerve entrapment Dong-Ho Ha ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Scientific Session ( SS 23 ) All English/Korean
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 102, 1F
Imaging of neurodegenerative disease
Chairperson: Sang Joon Kim
Jae Hyoung Kim
Development of Individual Evaluation System for Personalized Brain Aging Process Using Machine Learning Kyung Mi Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Correlation between cerebral atrophy, white matter hyperintensities, and cerebral infarct findings in brain MRI with cognitive value in patients with cognitive impairment. Rio Hermawan ( Indonesia )
Intrinsic connectivity identifies the sensory-motor network as a main cross-network between remitted late-life depression- and amnestic mild cognitive impairment-targeted networks Jiu Chen ( China )
3D Neuromelanin Imaging for Differential Diagnosis between Parkinson Disease and Essential Tremor: Multicenter Retrospective Study  Won-Jin Moon ( Korea, Republic of )
Motor cortex hypointensity on SWI is associated with age in cognitive impaired patients Mina Park ( Korea, Republic of )
Correlation between the gray matter volume and the cognitive decline in Apolipoprotein E ε4 carrier Na Young Choi ( Korea, Republic of )
An inverse U-shaped curve of resting-state networks in individuals at high risk of Alzheimer's disease Qing Ye ( China )
Abnormally Altered Patterns of Whole Brain Functional Connectivity Networks in Alzheimer and Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Longitudinal Study Young Hoon An ( Korea, Republic of )
Dopaminergic and non-dopaminergic neural substrate in Parkinson's disease and drug-induced parkinsonism: a resting-state fMRI study Se Won Oh ( Korea, Republic of )
Mediating role of reward circuit in the relationship between the dopamine multilocus genetic profile and depression Cancan He ( China )
Initial Diagnostic Assessment of Patients Who Presented with Parkinsonism: Nigrosome-1 Susceptibility Map-weighted Imaging versus 18F-FP-CIT PET Inseon Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Scientific Session ( SS 24 ) All Korean/English
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 104, 1F
Chairperson: Kyung Won Lee
Jeong Joo Woo
Analysis of Risk Factors for Hemoptysis after Percutaneous Transthoracic Needle Biopsies in 4,172 Cases: Focusing on the Effects of Diametrical Enlargement of the Main Pulmonary Artery Eui Jin Hwang ( Korea, Republic of )
Life-threatening hemoptysis after percutaneous needle lung biopsy: re-analysis of risk factor Heekyung Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Time-dependent analysis of incidence, risk factors and clinical significance of pneumothorax after percutaneous lung biopsy Woohyeon Lim ( Korea, Republic of )
Image Guided Biopsy of Thoracic Masses and Minimizing Risk of Pneumothorax : 26 years Experience in a Remote Cancer Center. Binoy Kumar Choudhury ( India )
Risk of pleural recurrence after percutaneous transthoracic needle biopsy in stage I non-small cell lung cancer: a large center experience Su Yeon AHN ( Korea, Republic of )
Cone-beam CT virtual navigation-guided percutaneous needle biopsy of suspected pleural malignant disease: Initial experience Hyun-ju Lim ( Korea, Republic of )
Go together
Chairperson: Song Soo Kim
Tae Hoon Kim
LOGIS (LOcalization of Ground-glass-opacity and pulmonary lesions for mInimal Surgery) registry: Design and Rationale Jin Hur ( Korea, Republic of )
Computed tomography (CT)-guided localization of small pulmonary nodule: value of specimen CT scanning of excised tissue to immediately confirm complete resection Min Ji Jang ( Korea, Republic of )
Re-biopsy for advanced non-small cell lung cancer after EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitor therapy: CT characteristics of patients with T790M mutation and the use of various re-biopsy procedures Hyun Jung Koo ( Korea, Republic of )
Repeat Biopsy of Patients with Acquired Resistance to EGFR TKIs: Implications of Biopsy-related Factors on T790M Mutation Detection Hyungjin Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Pleural plaques: Quantification by computed tomography and correlations with pulmonary function Yoon Ki Cha ( Korea, Republic of )
Long-term follow-up observational study of effects of Sirolimus in lymphangioleiomyomatosis patients on lung cysts and pulmonary function Cherry Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Scientific Session ( SS 25 ) All English/Korean
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
Coronary artery and others
Chairperson: Yun-Hyeon Kim
Seung Min Yoo
Detection of occult myocardial scar with Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance imaging in patients with asymptomatic type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: the ACCREDIT study Joon-Won KANG ( Korea, Republic of )
Identification of coronary artery anatomy on dual-source cardiac CT before arterial switch operation in newborns and young infants: comparison with transthoracic echocardiography Hyun Woo Goo ( Korea, Republic of )
Coronary to pulmonary artery fistula in the adult: natural history and management strategies Hokun Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Head-to head comparison between CCTA and OCT for in-stent restenosis after drug-eluting stent implantation Dabee Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Who are the patients whose coronary artery calcification progresses rapidly?: according to serial CT measurements of coronary artery calcium Hae Young Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Asian consortium on radiation dose of pediatric cardiac CT (ASCI-REDCARD) Hyun Woo Goo ( Korea, Republic of )
Lung cancer detected on calcium scoring CT: factors affecting delayed diagnosis and predictors for survival  Jin young Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Evaluation of Left Ventricular Myocardial Extracellular Volume Fraction by Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation Sung Ho Hwang ( Korea, Republic of )
Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia/cardiomyopathy (ARVD/C) in the south asian population- prevalence of biventricular involvement. Sankar Neelakantan ( India )
Three-dimensional hemodynamic evaluation of patients with Fontan circulation: 2D PC MRI to 4D flow MRI Dong Hyun Yang ( Korea, Republic of )
Additional value of airway CT in obstructive sleep apnea: Quantitative analysis of carotid arterial calcification for predictor of cardiovascular disease Eun-Ju Kang ( Korea, Republic of )
Spontaneous Visceral Artery Dissection: Clinical and Radiologic Characteristics, Management Strategies and Patients' Outcome Min Yeong Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 27 (Fri) Special Focus Session ( SF 07 ) All English
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 101, 1F
State-of-the-art techniques in interventional oncology
Chairperson: Jae Hyung Park
Hyun-Ki Yoon
Balloon-occluded TACE Terumitsu Hasebe ( Japan )
Cone-beam CT guided TACE Hwan Hoon Chung ( Korea )
Ultraselective TACE using <2.0 Fr microcatheter Hyo-Cheol Kim ( Korea )
Cryoablation Gyoung Min Kim ( Korea )
Radioembolization Ho Jong Chun ( Korea )

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