KCR 2017

Session (Daily)

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Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Refresher Course ( RC 01 ) All Korean
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 101, 1F
PET의 최신지견
Chairperson: Won Woo Lee
Tae Joo Jeon
Oncology분야에서 PET의 최신지견 Yong-il Kim ( Korea )
Neurology분야에서 PET의 최신지견 Yoo Sung Song ( Korea )
Cardiology분야에서 PET의 최신지견 Joo Hyun O ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Refresher Course ( RC 02 ) Jun Korean
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 103, 1F
Tip & tricks for difficult abdominal cases
Chairperson: Sang Soo Shin
Cheol Min Park
Mucin related tumor in biliary & pancreas Eun Sun Lee ( Korea )
Focal hepatic nodules in the non-cirrhotic liver Yang Shin Park ( Korea )
Subepithelial tumor of the GI tract Jong Young Oh ( Korea )
Biliary stricture: benign vs malignancy Chansik An ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Refresher Course ( RC 03 ) All Korean
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
Imaging of the sacrum and its vicinity
Chairperson: Jeongmi Park
Doo Hoe Ha
Anatomy and diseases of the sacrum Sun Joo Lee ( Korea )
Anatomy and diseases of sacroiliac joint Sung Hwan Hong ( Korea )
Anatomy and diseases of lumbosacral plexus Young Cheol Yoon ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Scientific Session ( SS 01 ) English/Korean
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 102, 1F
Chairperson: JeongGeun Yi
Eil Seong Lee
Identification and normalization of the confounding physiophysical factors of emphysema index in low-dose screening CT Jong Hyo Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Normalization of the reconstruction kernel effects on quantitative emphysema index in low-dose screening CT Hyeongmin Jin ( Korea, Republic of )
Accuracy of emphysema volume and airway measurements in CT phantom study: Hybrid IR, model-based IR, and virtual monoenergetic reconstruction algorithms at low- and standard dose CT Moin Ha ( Korea, Republic of )
Analysis of Diaphragmatic Motion in Patients with Emphysema: Application of Image Registration Based Local Displacement Technique (Lung Motionography) Ji Hee Kang ( Korea, Republic of )
Lung Motionography in Emphysema Patients Based on Mass Preserving Non-Rigid Image Registration of Inspiration-Expiration CTs: Correlation with PFTs and Air trapping Lorenzo Garzelli ( France )
COPD and small airways
Chairperson: Yu-whan Oh
Hyun-Ju Lee
Predictors of treatment response in COPD patients at 1-year follow-up: Value of advanced CT quantification Hyojung Park ( Korea, Republic of )
Cross-Volume and Cross-Time CT Image Matching Assessment Provides Multiscale Characterization of Individual Asthmatic Lung Responses to Bronchodilator Hyun-ju Lim ( Korea, Republic of )
CT assessment of airway and visceral fat in asthma patients: preliminary report Kwang Nam Jin ( Korea, Republic of )
How much the wall thickness of small airways change at inspiration and expiration? : A preliminary study with a low-dose CT Zepa Yang ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Scientific Session ( SS 02 ) English
08:00-09:30 Grand Ballroom 104, 1F
Hot issues in head and neck radiology
Chairperson: So Lyung Jung
Jinna Kim
Temporal Bone Chondroblastoma: Imaging Characteristics with pathologic correlation Ji-hoon Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Necrotic Lymph Nodes as an Imaging Biomarker for Risk Stratification in Tongue Squamous Cell Carcinoma Ji Won Seo ( Korea, Republic of )
Discrimination of Human papillomavirus status using CT texture analysis in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinomas Miran Han ( Korea, Republic of )
Usefulness of ultrasound-guided core needle biopsy as a diagnostic tool for workup of cervical pathology in i​mmunocompromised hemato-oncology patients Jimin Yoon ( Korea, Republic of )
Effect of Fat Saturation and Multishot 2D Navigated Interleaved Acquisition on Head and Neck Diffusion-weighted MRI   Yun Jung Bae ( Korea, Republic of )
Perilymphatic signal intensity of the patients with internal auditory canal mass on precontrast and four hours delayed isometric 3D-FLAIR MRI. Tae Yoon Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Value addition of Ultrasound over Sestamibi in detection of Parathyroid nodules in diagnosed cases of Hyperparathyroidism Retrospective data from a single Institution. ALKA SINGHAL ( India )
Ultra-low-dose versus low-dose CT of the paranasal sinuses with using volumetric 320-row detector CT system  Berhan Pirimoglu ( Turkey )
Interobserver Reproducibility of Maximal Axial Diameter and Tumor Volume Measurements from Computed Tomography of Patients with Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Mi Sun Chung ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Scientific Session ( SS 03 ) English
08:00-09:30 203, 2F
Experimental/molecular imaging
Chairperson: Sang IL Choi
Seung Hong Choi
Differentiating Distinctive Molecular Phenotypes in Diffuse Midline Gliomas Using Hyperpolarized Carbon-13 Pyruvate MRI Ilwoo Park ( Korea, Republic of )
Monitoring tumor response to combination of antiangiogenic and cytotoxic treatment using PET/MRI: preliminary results in a rabbit VX2 liver tumor model Ijin Joo ( Korea, Republic of )
Ultrasound-targeted microbubble destruction in Liver Hai-feng Zhou ( China )
Radiation Inhibits Lymphangiogenesis in Acquired Lymphedema Hindlimb Mouse Models ZHE WANG ( China )
RF ablation using injectable cooled electrode: Feasibility of lidocaine injection in ex vivo study. Sun-Young Park ( Korea, Republic of )
A TGF-β Type I  Receptor Kinase Inhibitor Prevents Esophageal Stricture Formation after Corrosive Burn Min Tae Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Thin-Walled Scaffold Fabrication on the Basis of MRCP and a 3D Printed Template: Its Potential for  Bile Duct Regeneration Bo-kyeong Kang ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Scientific Session ( SS 04 ) English/Korean
08:00-09:30 208, 2F
Thyroid cancer
Chairperson: Jung Hwan Baek
Jung suk Sim
Recurrent/Persistent Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma: Clinical and Radiological Characteristics of Radiologically Stable Disease vs. Progressive Disease Taek Min Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Histogram analysis of apparent diffusion coefficient maps to differentiate follicular thyroid carcinomas from adenomas among indeterminate thyroid nodules on US-guided core needle biopsy Sae Rom Chung ( Korea, Republic of )
Columnar cell variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma ; differentiation between indolent and aggressive types. JooYeon Cho ( Korea, Republic of )
Risk of thyroid malignancy in lung cancer risk patients with incidental thyroid nodules detected on screening low dose chest CT Hyobin Seo ( Korea, Republic of )
BRAF V600E Mutation from Aspirates of Papillary Cancer; Is there Clinicopathological Features Differences Compared to Surgically Confirmed Specimen Suji Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Ultrasonographic prediction of highly aggressive telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) promoter-mutated papillary thyroid cancer Jung han Woo ( Korea, Republic of )
Predictive findings of distant metastasis in follicular thyroid carcinoma patients. Hankyul Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Histogram Analysis of Grayscale Sonograms for the Differentiation of the Subtypes of Follicular Variant of Papillary Thyroid Cancer Mi-ri Kwon ( Korea, Republic of )
Ultrasound and Clinicopathological Features of Papillary Thyroid Carcinomas with BRAF and TERT Promoter Mutations Soo Yeon Hahn ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Joint Symposium with AOSOR ( JS 01 ) English
08:00-11:10 201, 2F
Neuroradiology: what has been done, and for future direction
Chairperson: Kee-Hyun Chang
Seung-Koo Lee
Welcome address by the KSR President Seung Hyup Kim ( Korea )
Welcome address by the AOSOR director Byung Ihn Choi ( Korea )
Spinal and brain tuberculosis Nirmala Wijesinha ( Sri lanka )
Non-invasive measurement of cerebral perfusion: arterial spin labeling Chul Ho Sohn ( Korea )
Quantitative DSA: where were we from and where are we going to? Wan-You Guo ( Taiwan )
Translational research of hyperacute ischemic stroke: a neuroradiolocial perspective Sang-Hoon Cha ( Korea )
Regional susceptibility changes in various CNS lesions Yukunori Korogi ( Japan )
Nigrosome MRI: what we have done and what we should do next EungYeop Kim ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Refresher Course ( RC 04 ) All Korean
09:40-11:10 Grand Ballroom 103, 1F
Comprehensive review of lung cancer staging
Chairperson: Jai Soung Park
Kyung Nyeo Jeon
Welcome TNM - 8th edition Chang Min Park ( Korea )
N stage: definitions and borders Yeon Joo Jeong ( Korea )
Puzzling questions about TNM staging Hyae Young Kim ( Korea )
Read with the expert Tae Jung Kim ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Refresher Course ( RC 05 ) All Korean
09:40-11:10 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
Imaging of internal derangement of knee joint
Chairperson: Tae Yong Moon
Jin-Gyoon Park
Meniscus Kyung Nam Ryu ( Korea )
Cruciate ligaments Joong Mo Ahn ( Korea )
Medial and lateral supporting structures Ja-Young Choi ( Korea )
Anterior supporting structure, fat pad Suk-Joo Hong ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Scientific Session ( SS 05 ) English/Korean/
09:40-11:10 Grand Ballroom 101, 1F
Biliary & pancreas
Chairperson: Hunkyu Ryeom
Jung Hoon Kim
Tumor heterogeneity of pancreas adenocarcinoma assessed by CT texture analysis: association with survival outcomes Gabin Yun ( Korea, Republic of )
Histogram analysis of monoexponential, biexponential, and stretched-exponential diffusion models in Differentiating Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma  and  Neuroendocrine Tumor  Jiali Li ( China )
Spleen stiffness measurement using swear wave elastography: The feasibility and affecting factors. Young-Seo Cho ( Korea, Republic of )
Prediction of pancreatic fistula and postoperative complications after pancreaticoduodenectomy based on preoperative imaging and clinical features. Min Ji Jang ( Korea, Republic of )
Evaluation of microvascular flow in the gallbladder bed of liver using cSMI: Is it helpful for improvement of diagnostic performance compared with conventional US in diagnosing acute cholecystitis? Joon Chul Ra ( Korea, Republic of )
Current trends in the diagnosis and management of the pancreatic cystic neoplasm: Italian perspectives Tommaso Vincenzo Bartolotta ( Italy )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Scientific Session ( SS 06 ) English/Korean
09:40-11:10 Grand Ballroom 102, 1F
Breast cancer screening
Chairperson: Sung Hun Kim
You Me Kim
Is automated breast ultrasound (ABUS) feasible to be used in detection of breast cancer in women in their 40s and 50s without mammography?  Sung Ui Shin ( Korea, Republic of )
BI-RADS 3 lesions in screening automated breast volume scanner: comparison with 6-months follow-up hand-held breast US. Min Ji Jang ( Korea, Republic of )
 Analysis of CAD detected lesions and false marks: initial experience of CAD for automated breast ultrasound. Sanghee Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Long-term outcome of ducal carcinoma in situ detected at screening mammography or ultrasound: Association between screening method of detection and recurrence JooYeon Cho ( Korea, Republic of )
MRI surveillance for women with a personal history of breast cancer: comparison between Abbreviated and Full diagnostic protocol Solbee Han ( Korea, Republic of )
Accuracy and Outcomes of Screening Breast Ultrasound in Women with a Personal History of Early-Stage Breast Cancer Soo-Yeon Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Effect of training on breast ultrasonography (US) performance and agreements on BI-RADS US features for radiology residents: A multicenter study using dedicated education material for breast US Jung Hyun Yoon ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Scientific Session ( SS 07 ) English/Korean
09:40-11:10 Grand Ballroom 104, 1F
Hot issues in head and neck radiology
Chairperson: Chul Ho Sohn
Hyun Kyung Lim
Diagnostic Value of Iodine Quantification for Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma using a Double-Layer Detector Dual-Energy CT: A Preliminary Study Young Hen Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Diagnostic Value of Iodine Quantification for Focal Thyroid Lesions using a Double-Layer Detector Dual Energy CT Do hyung Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Feasibility of Deep Convolution Neural Network with Paranasal Sinus X-Ray Imaging for Sinusitis Recognition Hyug-Gi Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Endovascular therapy and stroke imaging
Chairperson: Chul Ho Sohn
Hyun Kyung Lim
Prospective serial observation of spontaneous and unruptured intracranial artery dissection based on three dimensional High-resolution magnetic resonance imaging Younghee Yim ( Korea, Republic of )
Regional perfusion imaging after extracranial-intracranial bypass surgery Jihoon Cha ( Korea, Republic of )
Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome: What is the important factor to determine the involvement site of intracranial arteries? Ilheon Ha ( Korea, Republic of )
MR Collateral Imaging in Cerebral Ischemia: Comparison of “Phase Maps” derived from Dynamic Contrast enhanced MR Angiography and Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast MR perfusion Imaging Hyun Jeong Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Dynamic change of carotid intraplaque hemorrhage volume in subjects with mild carotid stenosis: A follow up study using serial MR imaging Sangheon Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Assessment of Collateral Circulation in Acute Ischemic Stroke: Simulated 2-phase CTA versus Simulated 3-phase CTA Chang Rae Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Scientific Session ( SS 08 ) English/Korean
09:40-11:10 203, 2F
Arterial Intervention
Chairperson: Joo Hyeong Oh
Je Hwan Won
Clinical application of 3D image fusion guidance during EVAR: a single-center result assessing its beneficial role. Byung Chan Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Effects of anatomical characteristics as factors in abdominal aortic aneurysm rupture: CT aortography analysis Kyoung Min Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Endovascular treatment of superficial femoral arterial occlusion by retrograde approach via the popliteal artery Jong Hyouk Yun ( Korea, Republic of )
Uterine Artery Embolization for Pedunculated Subserosal Leiomyomas: Is It Still Contraindicated? Yong Seek Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Blunt splenic injury: Clinical results of transarterial embolization, 4-years experiences in a single trauma center Rang Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Blunt trauma in children : Efficacy and safety of transarterial embolization, 3-years experiences in a single trauma center. Changmu Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
“Glued”: Endovascular intraaneurysmal glue injection for peripheral pulmonary artery pseudoaneurysms with massive haemoptysis Ankit Balani ( India )
Comparison study of mono and duel port catheter system for hepatic arterial infusion chemotherapy in hepatocellular carcinoma with anatomic hepatic artery variation and portal vein tumor thrombosis Jung Suk Oh ( Korea, Republic of )
Long-term clinical outcomes and re-intervention rates of uterine artery embolization (UAE) for symptomatic fibroids and/or adenomyosis: Five-year results. Ja Kyung Yoon ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Scientific Session ( SS 09 ) English/Korean
09:40-11:10 208, 2F
Thyroid elasography/Core needle biopsy
Chairperson: Jin Young Kwak
Jeong Hyun Lee
Direct Comparison of Combined Strain/Shear Wave Elastography and Power Doppler/Superb Microvascular Imaging to Grayscale US in Differential Diagnosis of Thyroid Nodules Jung Hyun Yoon ( Korea, Republic of )
Diagnostic utility of real time ultrasound elastography in differentiating benign and malignant thyroid nodules.  NAVNEET REDHU ( India )
False negative rate of Ultrasound-Guided Fine-Needle Aspiration for Thyroid Nodule―Influence of nodule size and US pattern Hye shin Ahn ( Korea, Republic of )
Complications following US-guided Core Needle Biopsy for Thyroid Nodules: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Eun Ju Ha ( Korea, Republic of )
Diagnostic efficacy and safety of core needle biopsy as a first-line diagnostic method in thyroid nodules: a prospective cohort study Dong Gyu Na ( Korea, Republic of )
Diagnostic efficacy of Core Needle Biopsy as a First-Line Diagnostic Tool for Low or Intermediate Suspicion Thyroid Nodules: Comparison with Fine Needle Aspiration using propensity score analysis Hye shin Ahn ( Korea, Republic of )
Ultrasound guided core needle biopsy for intermediate or low suspicion thyroid nodules: Which method is effective for diagnosis? Soo Yeon Hahn ( Korea, Republic of )
Diagnostic Efficacy of Core Needle Biopsy as a First-Line Diagnostic Tool in High Suspicion Thyroid Nodules: Comparison with Fine Needle Aspiration using Propensity Score Analysis Inyoung Youn ( Korea, Republic of )
Values of ASQ imaging in predicting hypothyroidism in Hashimoto’s thyroiditis Ji Ye Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Opening Session ( OS ) English
11:30-12:30 Grand Ballroom 101-105, 1F
Opening Session
Chairperson: Seung Hyup Kim
Welcome address Won Jae Lee ( Korea )
President’s address Seung Hyup Kim ( Korea )
Gold Medalist Ceremony Seung Hyup Kim ( Korea )
Honorary Membership Ceremony Seung Hyup Kim ( Korea )
Introductoin of Plenary Lecturer Seung Hyup Kim ( Korea )
[Plenary Lecture] The prostate: a small organ - big challenges and chances for radiology Bernd Hamm ( Germany )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Luncheon Symposium ( LS 01 ) English
12:40-13:40 Grand Ballroom 101-102, 1F

Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Luncheon Symposium ( LS 02 ) English
12:40-13:40 Grand Ballroom 103, 1F

Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Luncheon Symposium ( LS 03 ) English
12:40-13:40 Grand Ballroom 104-105, 1F

Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Luncheon Symposium ( LS 04 ) English
12:40-13:40 203, 2F

Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Luncheon Symposium ( LS 05 ) English
12:40-13:40 201, 2F

Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Case-based Session ( CS ) English
14:00-15:30 203, 2F
Case-based Session
Chairperson: Ji-hoon Kim
Kyung Joo Park
Neuroradiology 1 Jeong A Yeom ( Korea )
Neuroradiology 2 Se Jeong Jeon ( Korea )
Chest 1 Hyun Jung Koo ( Korea )
Chest 2 So Hyeon Bak ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Image Interpretation Session ( IIS ) Korean
14:00-15:30 Grand Ballroom 101-105, 1F
Image Interpretation Session
Chairperson: Jongmin Lee
Abdomen Seung Eun Jung ( Korea )
Chest Changhyun Lee ( Korea )
Cardiovascular Young Jin Kim ( Korea )
Musculoskeletal Doo Hoe Ha ( Korea )
Neuroradiology Won-Jin Moon ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Intersociety Joint Symposium Ⅰ (KSMR & SRS) ( JS 02 ) All English
15:30-18:00 201, 2F
Imaging of degenerative disease
Chairperson: Won-Hee Jee
Hong Chou
Welcome address by the KSR President Seung Hyup Kim ( Korea )
Knee osteoarthritis Steven Wong ( Singapore )
Spine degeneration update Yumi Jeong ( Korea )
Musculoskeletal application of DECT
Chairperson: Won-Hee Jee
Hong Chou
Gout Hong Chou ( Singapore )
Metal artifact reduction and bone marrow edema Wan Tae Kim ( Korea )
Imaging of soft tissue tumor
Chairperson: Won-Hee Jee
Hong Chou
Lipomatous tumors Ankit Anil Tandon ( Singapore )
Myxomatous tumors In Sook Lee ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Refresher Course ( RC 06 ) All Korean
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 103, 1F
How to apply US, CT and MRI in the diagnosis of salivary gland diseases
Chairperson: Sun-Won Park
Dong Woo Park
Imaging anatomy and techniques for salivary gland diseases Hyun Jeong Kim ( Korea )
Imaging diagnosis of non-tumorous diseases Hye Jin Baek ( Korea )
Imaging diagnosis of salivary gland tumors Young Jun Choi ( Korea )
US-guided intervention of salivary gland diseases Jeong Hyun Lee ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Refresher Course ( RC 07 ) All English
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 105, 1F
Comprehensive review of IIP
Chairperson: Ki-Nam Lee
Eun-Young Kang
Overview of current IIP classification Jung Hwa Hwang ( Korea )
Chronic fibrosing IIPs Semin Chong ( Korea )
The range of cigarette smoke related lung injury: rad-path correlation Jeffrey Galvin ( USA )
The many facets of organizing pneumonia: a rad-path guide to understanding and diagnosis Jeffrey Galvin ( USA )
Rare IIP and CPFE Gong Yong Jin ( Korea )
Read with the expert Kyung Soo Lee ( Korea )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Scientific Session ( SS 10 ) English/Korean
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 101, 1F
Chairperson: Byung Ihn Choi
Yong Yeon Jeong
The diagnostic accuracy of gadoxetate-enhanced MRI can be improved depending on how we evaluate washout and capsule appearances in the diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma using LI-RADS Shinhye Hwang ( Korea, Republic of )
A Prospective and Long-Term Follow-up Study of Non-Hypervascular Hypointense Nodules on the Hepatobiliary Phase of Gadoxetic Acid-Enhanced MR Taeyoung Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Impacts of adding recent CT arterial phase images on diagnostic performances of gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI in assessment of HCC Seung back Hong ( Korea, Republic of )
Evaluation of Transient Motion during Gadoxetic Acid-Enhanced Multiphasic Liver MRI using Free-breathing Golden-angle Radial Sparse Parallel MRI  Jeong Hee Yoon ( Korea, Republic of )
Dual source dual-energy CT for reduction of contrast medium dosage (389mgI/kg) in abdominal follow-up CT: effects on image quality and detectability of focal liver lesions   Ji Eun Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Can Short Breath-hold MR Using Ultrahigh Gradient Overcome Image Degradation in Arterial Phase of Gadoxetate acid-enhanced MR Imaging?: A Prospective Randomized Control Study Nayeon Han ( Korea, Republic of )
Prognostic stratification of hepatocellular carcinoma patients undergoing curative resection: comparison of preoperative MRI staging and postoperative 8th American Joint Committee on Cancer staging. Ok kyu Song ( Korea, Republic of )
CT texture analysis as a prognostic biomarker in adults with surgically treated mass-forming intrahepatic cholangiocarcinomas (ICCs) Junghoan Park ( Korea, Republic of )
Diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with extracellular agent; Liver Imaging Reporting and Data System (LI-RADS) versus Simplified LI-RADS (sLI-RADS) Shinhye Hwang ( Korea, Republic of )
Liver function estimation using hepatocyte fraction map at gadoxetic acid enhanced liver MRI in patients with chronic liver disease Jeong Hee Yoon ( Korea, Republic of )
Optimizing the definition of arterial enhancement in CT and gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma Tae Wook Kang ( Korea, Republic of )
Treatment response to TACE in isoechoic HCC on the Kupffer phase image of CEUS using Sonazoid Jeong Woo Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Scientific Session ( SS 11 ) English/Korean
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 102, 1F
Neuroimaging: miscellaenous issues
Chairperson: Gyung Ho Chung
Woong Yoon
High-Dimensional ICA Analysis Detects Within-Network Functional Connectivity Damage of variable Networks in tinnitus patients. Ju hwa Min ( Korea, Republic of )
Deep Neural Network in Diagnosis of Maxillary Sinusitis on Conventional Radiograph: Preliminary Results Youngjune Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Practical External Guide for Safe Orthogonal Approach Myungjin Seol ( Korea, Republic of )
Quantitative assessment of spatial and temporal gadolinium deposition within the deep brain nuclei Polona Pozeg ( Switzerland )
3D FIESTA sequence in imaging of lumbar radiculopathy Pokhraj Suthar ( India )
Functional connectivity correlates of the associative memory in cognitive impairment: A generalized psychophysiological interaction study Yeji Shin ( Korea, Republic of )
Relationship between venous congestion and magnetic susceptibility of collecting veins: an in-vivo QSM study with developmental venous anomaly Jinhee Jang ( Korea, Republic of )
Dynamic function reorgnization after long-term high-frequency noise exposure. Ying Luan ( China )
Multiparametric quantitative MRI for myelin assessment of White Matter Hyperintensity and Normal-Appearing White Matter in Patients with Cognitive Impairment. Mina Park ( Korea, Republic of )
Brain microstructural abnormalities in cirrhotic patients without overt hepatic encephalopathy: A voxel-based diffusional kurtosis imaging study Hua-Jun Chen ( China )
Up to 52 Administrations of Macrocyclic Ionic MR Contrast Agent are Not Associated with Intracranial Gadolinium Deposition: Multifactorial Analysis in 385 Patients Ji Ye Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Scientific Session ( SS 12 ) English/Korean
16:00-18:00 Grand Ballroom 104, 1F
Breast imaging and prognosis prediction
Chairperson: Young Mi Park
Kyungran Ko
Microcalcifications of ductal carcinoma in situ: Correlation with breast imaging and pathology EunJi Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Ultrafast Breast DCE-MRI in the Evaluation of Tumor Extent in Breast Cancer Patients: Potential Utility in Patients with Marked Background Parenchymal Enhancement Sung Ui Shin ( Korea, Republic of )
Dynamic Contrast-enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Diffusion Weighted Imaging for the Prediction of Sentinel Lymph Node Metastasis in Breast Cancer Eun ha Jeong ( Korea, Republic of )
Preoperative breast MRI in women with invasive lobular carcinoma: Surgical outcomes according to propensity score matching Su Min Ha ( Korea, Republic of )
Quantitative diffusion kurtosis imaging and diffusion weighted imaging for the differentiation of additional suspicious lesions on preoperative breast MRI of patients with known breast cancer Youngjean Park ( Korea, Republic of )
Diffusion Tensor Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Breast Cancer: Associations between Diffusion Metrics and Histologic Prognostic Factors Miri Jeong ( Korea, Republic of )
Preoperative Breast MR Imaging Kinetic Features Using Computer-Aided Diagnosis: Association with Survival Outcome in Invasive Breast Cancer Patients Eun Sook Ko ( Korea, Republic of )
Background parenchymal enhancement on breast MRI may not be associated with outcome of patients with unilateral ER-positive, HER2-negative, node-negative invasive breast cancer GI WON SHIN ( Korea, Republic of )
Diffusion weighted imaging of MRI and FDG PET/CT in breast cancer:Correlation of ADC value and peak standardized uptake value with prognostic factor and MRI finding for breast cancer Tae sun Kang ( Korea, Republic of )
Prediction of Low-Risk Ductal Carcinoma in Situ using Whole-Lesion Histogram Analysis of the Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Jin joo Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Radiomics Signature on 3T DCE-MRI for Estrogen Receptor-Positive Invasive Breast Cancers: Preliminary Results in Predicting Oncotype DX Test Recurrence Score  Kyung Jin Nam ( Korea, Republic of )
Time to Enhancement at Ultrafast Breast DCE-MRI: Potential Imaging Biomarker of Tumor Aggressiveness Sung Ui Shin ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Scientific Session ( SS 13 ) English/Korean
16:00-18:00 203, 2F
Non vascular intervention
Chairperson: Ho-Young Song
Gyoo Sik Jung
Percutaneous Common Bile Duct Stone Removal via Percutaneous Cholecystostomy and Cystic Duct Cannulation: Technical Outcomes and Factors Influencing the Result in 112 Patients Gyoo Sik Jung ( Korea, Republic of )
Extraluminal recanalization of bile duct anastomosis obstruction after liver transplantation Eu Hyun Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Long-term Balloon Indwelling Technique for the Treatment of Benign Biliary Stricture; Preliminary Result Sung-joon Park ( Korea, Republic of )
A score system: risk prediction of biliary infection after percutaneous transhepatic biliary stenting in malignant biliary obstruction Hai-feng Zhou ( China )
The Feasibility of Mesenteric Intranodal Lymphangiography: Animal Experiment and its Clinical Application for Refractory Postoperative Chylous Ascites Hyukjoon Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
A Prospective, Randomized Study of a Covered Metallic Ureteral Stent versus a Double-J Stent for Malignant Ureteral Obstruction: PRODUCE Study Jong Woo Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Self-Expandable Metal Stents for Malignant Esophagorespiratory Fistula: Predictors Influencing Clinical Outcome of 105 Patients  Nader Bekheet ( Egypt )
Combined Endoscopic and Fluoroscopic Balloon Dilation in Patients with Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Ho-Young Song ( Korea, Republic of )
Feasibility study of a novel animal model to evaluate the pathologic change after Eustachian tube balloon dilation Kun Yung Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Percutaneous closure for gastrostomy opening using suture-mediated vascular closure device in a swine model Euichul Jung ( Korea, Republic of )
EW-7197 Eluting Nano-fiber Covered Self-expandable Metallic Stent to Prevent Granulation Tissue Formation in a Canine Urethral Model Young Je Lim ( Korea, Republic of )
Sirolimus-Eluting Biodegradable Poly-l-Lactic Acid Stent for Granulation-Tissue-Formation Suppression in the Rat Urethra Jung-Hoon Park ( Korea, Republic of )
Sessions (Daily)
Oct. 26 (Thu) Scientific Session ( SS 14 ) English
16:00-18:00 208, 2F
Thyroid intervention/Categorization system
Chairperson: Jin Yong Sung
Jung Hee Shin
US-guided percutaneous ethanol injection for the thyroid cystic nodule: Is it always successful? Do hyung Lee ( Korea, Republic of )
Initial ablation ratio: excellent predicting factor for final volume reduction ratio after radiofrequency ablation of benign thyroid nodules Jung Suk Sim ( Korea, Republic of )
How long does the effect of radiofrequency ablation of symptomatic benign thyroid nodules last? Jung suk Sim ( Korea, Republic of )
Radiofrequency Ablation of Primary Thyroid Cancer: Efficacy According to the Types of Thyroid Cancer So Yeong Jeong ( Korea, Republic of )
Radiofrequency Ablation for Non-functioning Benign Thyroid Nodules in Children and Adolescents Jin Yong Sung ( Korea, Republic of )
High suspicion US pattern on the ATA guidelines not cytologic diagnosis may be a predicting marker of lymph node metastasis in patients with conventional papillary thyroid carcinoma Eun Cho ( Korea, Republic of )
Validation of the 2015 American Thyroid Association Management Guidelines for thyroid nodules with benign cytology in the era of the Bethesda system Yeun-Yoon Kim ( Korea, Republic of )
Follow-up management of thyroid nodules with nondiagnostic cytology using US patterns based on the 2015 ATA guidelines Chae jung Park ( Korea, Republic of )
Detection of malignancy among suspicious thyroid nodules less than 1 cm on ultrasound with various thyroid image reporting and data systems Su Min Ha ( Korea, Republic of )
Computer-aided Diagnosis System for Thyroid Nodules: A Prospective Validation Study in a Large Population Eun Ju Ha ( Korea, Republic of )
Different Impact of Nodule Size on Malignancy Risk According to US Patterns in Thyroid Nodules Min Ji Hong ( Korea, Republic of )
The relationship between thyroid nodule size and malignancy risk Sae Rom Chung ( Korea, Republic of )

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